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Getting Rid of Chicken Pox Marks

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I have marks all over my face and body from having chicken pox for 15 days. What can I use to get rid of these marks?



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By Brother Roy (Guest Post)11/30/2008

Can I say God does not look on the out side, but in the heart of a person.

By Cyinda [214]11/27/2008

Scars will get better as the months go by but the really deep pock marks will never totally mend. Dark spots will get lighter, but it could take months & maybe even a full year for this to happen. You can help the process once the spots have TOTALLY HEALED by using a facial scrub or even lightly using a scrubbing of plain sugar mixed with a face cream then wash your face as usual. You can do this exfoliation once a week to get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells, but if you overdo this it will do more harm than good! ...

As far as products that remove scars go, my recommendation is to buy a "Stri Vectin" knock-off. It was sold for stretch mark removal but now it's sold for age spots & to stop skin from aging. It's made with peptides that speed up the skins cell turn over & it's the best stuff on the market. I swear by it, but can't afford the super-high price of the real thing (around $135) so I buy the knock-off brand which is sold at Wallgreens, Rite Aide & most every quality drug store chain. You can sometimes find it for around $20 on sale, but usually its around $30. It's like magic & works better than anything else you can buy! Every knock-off brand has it's own name, so It may be called "Derma Vectin" or something like that. Ask someone who really knows the cosmetics area for the Stri Vectin, then look on the shelf right next to it for the stores knock-off brand of the very same thing!

Also, if you have the money or insurance you can also go to a dermatologist for laser treatment.

By sharon11/27/2008

Ahmed, Time is the key. Don`t scratch the marks. They will fade away with time.As a child I had chickenpox so bad that they thought I had smallpox! I was covered from my head to the soles of my feet. The only rule the doctor gave was "don`t scratch or pick at the scabs". I don`t have any scars from the illness. Patience is the key.

By Louise B. [4]11/27/2008

Chicken pox usually doesn't leave scars unless you scratched them. Are you sure that they are totally healed? Perhaps all you need is time.

If you are totally healed, and your skin scarred that easily, I would consult a dermatologist before doing anything other than using some relatively mild over the counter preparations. You could make the condition worse.

By Cheryl (Guest Post)11/26/2008

A therapist can use ultrasound therapy to diminish the appearance and depth of scarring. There are also products like Scar Therapy by Curad. It is like a gel bandage. Massaging lotion for about 5 minutes a day helps too. You may never totally get rid of the scars, but the sooner you attend to it, the better the results.


There is a product called Mederma that is supposed to remove scars. Ask your pharmacist about it.

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