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Cucumber Plants Not Producing


I have planted cucumbers and they have beautiful blooms but have yielded no vegetables I planted them in a planter with miracle-gro potting soil. They have adequate sunshine and water. I suspect a soil deficiency but really am not sure. Anyone with advice to correct this problem would be very much appreciated.

Hardiness Zone: 7a

Marie from Oklahoma



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By Barbara 1 07/10/2008

You have good soil, water and sunshine.....but have you noticed bees on your blooms?

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By Louise B. 6 2,541 07/11/2008

If you have no insects pollinating these flowers, you may have to do it. Are these plants outside or in a greenhouse or on an enclosed porch or????

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By Regina Arlauckas 27 203 07/11/2008

What kind of blossoms are you getting? Cucumbers and most vining squash plants get both male and female blossoms - the females look like they have little fruit at the end of them. The male blossoms come out first -I think to get the insects coming around, and then the female blossoms come out later and are pollinated from open male blossoms.

Mine are not getting female blossoms just yet but I am further north than you are.

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By Vera 1 9 07/11/2008

I suspect just what the first replier stated. Your male flowers may not have started opening yet.

I am growing in containers this year too in MG potting soil, but am doing a type suitable for containers called 'Cucino' I picked my first yummy fruits today!

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By Mark (Guest Post) 08/28/2008

I have about 9 plants. Could they be all male or female? Could I fertilize them myself?

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