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Clean Windows With Dishsoap And Water


Forget everything but a bucket of warm water and a few drops of dish soap. When used with a porous sponge, a good squeegee and dry towel for inside window seals, you can easily clean windows on both sides for a much improved view and additional solar heat for the cold winter months. Streak free! Chemical free! And cheap!

By Lisa M. from Bend, OR


By Hannah 1 10/20/2009 Flag

I like the Dawn, paper towel, squeegee tip given 10/19/2009 below best. Seems the simplest of steps and I know Dawn is used for bathing cats before competition shows. It's great!

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Archive: Clean Windows With Dawn Dishsoap

I have found the easiest way to clean your windows is not with vinegar, or any store brought window cleaner. Take Dawn in the pump bottle and pump three times into a small bucket of water. Using a paper towel, wash the windows with the mixture of Dawn and water and use a squeegee to clean off the water. You will have the most perfect, clean windows without streaks every time. Try it, it works fantastic.

By Donna from Belle Vernon, PA


RE: Clean Windows With Dawn Dishsoap

Hi there, I'm Virginia from Canberra, Australia. I've seen several posts singing the praises of Dawn dishwashing liquid. We don't have it here in Australia, and I was wondering what is superior about it compared to other detergents? I certainly need a way to wash my windows; I'll use grey water from our shower. (05/29/2008)

By qwerky

RE: Clean Windows With Dawn Dishsoap

What did we use before Dawn? Who cares! LOL. Just something to share: Back when that tanker leaked all that oil and the birds were all in danger of dying! They used Dawn to clean them with. The makers of Dawn donated their product for the mass clean up. My hat's off to Dawn, its use is unlimited... (05/29/2008)

By keeper60

RE: Clean Windows With Dawn Dishsoap

Cheaper and easier. Buy a STREAK FREE MAGIC CLOTH that last 5 years. Use only water, and no streaks! (05/29/2008)

By WIsgal