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Tree Sap on a Dog


How can I get tree sap off of a 14 week old puppy that was playing under a tree?

By Lauri from NC


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By sirmans 2 08/27/2010 Flag

Peanut butter

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By Helen Setterfield 4 09/25/2010 Flag

If there is a lot of it and the previous solutions are not working well, simply shave off that area of the dog's fur. It will grow back!

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Archive: Tree Sap On Dog

I just had the lower branches of my 2 pine trees removed and while they look great, the sap from the trees is causing havoc. First, what can I put on the cut sections of the tree to stop the sap (the landscaper hasn't responded). Second, my little shih-poo, Yogi now loves to sit under the trees but has sap on his back, the pads of his feet and his tail. He just had a haircut, so I can't cut the sap off of his fur. I would appreciate any suggestions.


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RE: Tree Sap On Dog

This exact thing happend to me when my husband pruned our pines. Our beagle was covered head to toe in sap. He was hard. I used a product called DeSolvIt. It is an orange cleaner non-toxic. It works wonderfully on all kinds of things. I just sprayed it on him and worked it through with my hands til all the sap was gone. I am not affiliated with the desolvit company, I just love the stuff. For the limbs, there is stuff you can buy at the garden center to put on the cuts. There is some you can paint on, but now there is spray on kind. MUCH easier. (05/04/2005)

By Eve

RE: Tree Sap On Dog

Simply put a little bit of butter on the places that have sap and it comes right off. I use this on my 5 year old daughter's feet in the bathtub each summer after running around all day barefoot. (05/05/2005)

By Suzie

RE: Tree Sap On Dog

I used butter on my dog after seeing suzie's reply. It works wonders. My dog now smells like a butter cookie, but after another bath we should be back to normal. (05/24/2005)

By Kel

RE: Tree Sap On Dog

This really does work! Our basenji girl got some juniper sap on her muzzle, and this took it off. Plus, she had a blast "cleaning up" after we were done. It's nice to find a solution that tastes good for a change! (06/20/2005)

By Thog

RE: Tree Sap On Dog

Butter works like magic. Our Beagle is better because of butter. My beautiful wife Betty buttered our Beagle in the bathtub. We found it beneficial and our beagle Bernard is better, but smells like a Bagle. No joke this really works. Amazing. Thanks Suzie for the info. (06/24/2005)

By Gary

RE: Tree Sap On Dog

Thank you for the butter idea. My dog stepped in tree sap, I was wondering how I'm gonna get this out. I hopped on the net, find the butter idea, and now he is happy as always. It really worked, and he loved to lick the butter off of his paws. (09/07/2005)

By Szilvia

RE: Tree Sap On Dog

Thank you! My dog has been drinking from the Christmas tree and has more than once ended up with pine sap stuck to her face and legs. This was sooo easy and, like the other dogs mentioned, she loved licking it off of the spots she could reach. This was cheap, easy and, best of all, non toxic. (12/21/2006)

By Rhonda

Archive: Tree Sap on a Dog

How do you get tree sap off your dog?

Archive: Tree Sap on a Dog

How do you get sap off a dog?

By knr98 from il


RE: Tree Sap on a Dog

I had the same problem but was worried what to put on my dog. I didn't want him to have any reactions to any chemicals so I talked to our vet and he said to use a product called Goo Gone. It has a citrus scent and can be used to remove just about anything that is sticky. I think you can get this in the hardware dept of Walmart. You might also can find it at certain Dollar Stores. The Web Site for this is: Hope this helps and good luck! (08/13/2009)

By ScGamecockCrew

RE: Tree Sap on a Dog

WD-40 works fine. It is based on fish oil and won't hurt the dog at all. So does OFF mosquito spray. Because sap spots on calloused hands cause nasty blisters if you use an axe or chainsaw all day, (not from the sap itself, but because of the extra traction of those spots). I used to carry either WD-40 or OFF when I worked as a logger.

It also gets sap clumps off dog's fur and keeps it from matting. Just squirt some on, let it soak for a few minutes, then wipe it off with a rag or paper towel.

Have FUN!

Editor's Note WD-40 is not made from fish oil and may not be safe for your dog to ingest. Read more here: (08/13/2009)

By DearWebby

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