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Crystallized and Hard Honey


I have a half-gallon container of honey that has solidified. Can it still be used? How do I liquefy it again?

By Sandy from Bandon, OR


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By Jill 4 738 02/11/2011

First, you may want to save some out--I love crystallized honey as a spread. It won't drip from toast or sandwiches like liquid honey does. Then, simply warm the remainder. You can use the microwave, or sit the jar in hot water, and stir periodically. It may re-crystallize afterward, but you can re-heat it. Alternatively, you could just scoop and heat a smaller quantity at a time.

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By Sharon 9 116 02/12/2011

Pure honey will keep for ever so don't even consider tossing it out. Honey can be softened by placing the container in hot water. since it is such a large container I would only soften a small amount at a time.

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By Sandy 2 2 02/13/2011

Thank you everyone for the feedback! Throwing the container in the dishwasher did the trick, then I measured it out into more manageable sizes and gave part of it back to the daughter with instructions to reliquify if necessary. :-)

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By Rose 2 1 02/14/2011

Just put the container in a large pot with some water around it and turn the stove burner on low for a while. It will make the honey liquify again.

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By Debbie Kiefert 1 8 02/15/2011

Put it in a container of hot water for a while. Otherwise you could try microwaving it on low for a short amount of time also.

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By Shar 4 02/23/2011

I don't recommend heating it in a microwave, this can actually cause the liquified honey to recrystalize even faster, plus if it's in plastic, it may not be healthy to microwave teh plastic. Slowly heating it up in a pan of water on the stove is a good way to reliquify it.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 03/07/2011

Also squeeze a bit of fresh lime or fresh lemon on the amount you need it will work to soften it quickly just a quick mix and it is liquid.

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