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Preventing Dust Build-Up on Ceiling Fans

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Is there something that you can coat ceiling fan blades with that will repel dust, grease and/or nicotine?

By Captarlo from West Salem, OH


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By Suzanne Bergholz [2]04/24/2009

I am the poster and I appreciate the input from all and the corrections are noted and also appreciated. Here is what I have done. I applied car wax and polished to a great shine and now we will see. So far it seems to be doing the trick. If this fails, I will let y'all know and I will try your tips. I love this site!

By Kim Churchman [3]04/23/2009

To the one using Endust, just be sure not to breathe that spray. I would certainly wear a disposable face mask during its use, to prevent silicosis of the lungs. To the poster, did you know that it's not nicotine, it's tar? nicotine is clear and water-soluble, but the tar is what turns everything yellow - or builds up as dark as black, in the case of teeth. For the ceiling fan, I just would brush them off weekly and run the air cleaner.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]04/23/2009

One of the things you can do is replace any wooden ones' with plastic. If that happens, you can not only prevent them from buildup but when it happens, you can pop them in the dishwasher. If they are reversable in the summer and winter, keeping them reversed some during off seasons can help, too.

By Mary Lou [14]04/23/2009

I am a big believer in the use of the product called Endust. As a person who lives with a dust allergy, it is the only product I use for dusting especially in hard to keep dust free areas.

RE: Preventing Dust Build-Up on Ceiling Fans

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