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Keeping a Comforter on the Bed


How do I keep my comforter on the bed at night? It seems to always slip down while we are sleeping!

By GG from Dallas, TX


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By mcw 80 1,752 02/08/2010 Flag

I always have the bottom of the comforter tucked between the mattress and the box spring, and when I make the bed I also tuck in both sides the same way. I've never had a problem with our comforter slipping down while we're sleeping.

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By Judi 18 938 02/08/2010 Flag

I had one with a slippery backing and I tucked the bottom corners in. This did it for us.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 02/08/2010 Flag

1) At the dollar store (Dollar Tree) they sell these clips attached to white elastic that are made to keep your ironing board cover from slipping off of your ironing board. They're are adjustable. Al you'd need to do is clip one end to the comfortable & the other end to the fitted bottom bed sheet!... I like these clips because the stretch (because of the elastic) & won't wear holes in your fabric like safety pins do.

2) Another idea is to buy some sew-on or stick-on Velcro & sew one side of the Velcro to the bottom fitted sheet or to the bed frame & the other side of the Velcro to 4 or 6 areas on the comforter.

3) A third idea is to take several shoe laces & sew them to the sides & bottom of the comforter then use these shoelaces or nylon line to tie them to the foot-board. This wouldn't work if they laces were tied to the top (headboard area) because then a person couldn't get out of bed easily, but they would be nice to use to tie the comforter to the bottom of the bed by the footboard.

4) You can sew the comforter to a top sheet, leaving an extra foot or two of the sheet hanging off the bottom, then using these few feet of sheet to tuck in to the bottom of the bed under the matress. This wouldn't hold the whole thing on, but it would hold the bottom of the comforter on.

5) Tiny Weights. They make these to sew in to the hems of curtains so they don't blow all over when it's windy. But you could use something as simple as Stainless Washers from the hardware store.

6) Magnets sewn or glued with fabric glue on to your sheets or bed & a second set of a piece of ferrous metal attached to your comforter. but I don't know how the magnets or non-stainless steel would go through the washer & dryer. You'd probably have to make them detachable for washing. f you have a "Hollywood" style bed frame, these are usually made of steel, so all you'd need would be a little pocket sewn on to the comfortable with a magnet in it. If your comforter hung over the side enough then the magnets would stick to the bed frame & you'd be all set!

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By julie 6 83 02/12/2010 Flag

Too easy, don't sleep with a man. They overheat and kick it down through the night.

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02/13/2010 Flag

I got a kick out of Ausjulie's comment because it's oh so true ;-) LOL! I make sure the blanket just under the comforter is not the silky feeling kind and also tightly tuck the blanket and top sheet between the mattress and box spring.

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By Noella 11 381 02/16/2010 Flag

You may have to put your comfortor into a cotton duvet in order for it to keep from slipping down. If it's of a silky-type fabric, I would think it would still slip around even if it's tucked in at the bottom at night. I think the cotton duvet with cotton sheets would create enough friction to keep it from sliding.

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By gbk 45 368 08/15/2011 Flag

You know those fuzzy sheets for winter? Sew one of these (either by hand or machine) to the bottom side of the comforter, make sure you buy a larger flat sheet than your bed to have the extra then you can tuck the bottom in and it won't slide either. The silky material and the extra lofty fluff inside is why it wants to float off the bed.

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By joanfry 28 74 11/21/2014 Flag

What I do, is pick it up, put it back over me and go back to sleep. Whats the problem?

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By Abigail A. 15 993 11/22/2014 Flag

You might sew a piece of flannel to one side of the comforter. Then when you make your bed, tuck that extra piece of fabric in tight next to the wall. It should keep it from slipping.

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