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15 inch Fashion Doll Clothes Patterns


Last year I got my granddaughters 15 inch fashion dolls at Walgreens for $5.00 each. They are lovely but I can't find any patterns for clothes for this size doll. Does anyone have any suggestions? I did find a plastic 15 inch doll at Walmart with a pattern for a crochetted dress but I also want to make fabric clothes for the dolls.

Thanks a million,
Stanlie Steamer from Long Beach, CA



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By Pat. (Guest Post) 12/05/2005 Flag

When I've been desperate for a pattern in the past, I've just taken a current article of clothing and traced a new pattern from it. As long as the clothing isn't too complicated, you can usually make a new garment from this pattern by just adding on a seam allowance of 3/8 inch or so. When I was a little girl I had hours of fun going through my mom's fabric scraps making outfit after outfit for my doll this way. What a nice grandma you are!!

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By Stroeger (Guest Post) 12/05/2005 Flag

Here is a web address that has patterns and descriptions for dresses for 15 to 18 inch dolls.

Good luck

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By Holly 367 1,264 12/08/2005 Flag

I used to find these patterns in the Singer, McCall's pattern books for sewing at fabric shops.
Try ebay, too.

You can also guess at a pattern from interfacing (which is cheap), cut and paste until it fits and then cut it out of the real fabric.

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By (Guest Post) 08/30/2007 Flag

You might try for patterns. They have about 40 doll clothes pattern sizes for fashion, girl and baby dolls and a doll body measurement chart to get the perfect fit. Hope this helps.

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