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Does anyone know why my coffee is coming out cloudy lately? I use Folgers, cold city water and I also wash my coffee pot daily. Why is it cloudy?

kathleen48 from South Portland, Maine



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By Susan (Guest Post)10/31/2008

I agree with the air theory. I use a Brita. I think I have been adding water quickly to it instead of having it in the pitcher from the night before so it has air when I run tap through the filter too quick.

By Grandma J [46]09/17/2008

Also, if you are using filters in the pot, rather than the old fashioned way of boiling the water on the stove, drop in the grounds, bring back to a boil for 3-5 minutes and shut off the pot/take off the burner and then drop a cup of cold water in to drop the grounds. This is how we grew up making coffee (I don't drink it, just make the best tasting coffee). SO you can take a cooking pot-prefer NOT a stick free surface one, or if you have glass visionware, try it. That way you can rule out the water as the problem if the coffee is good OUTSIDE THE POT.
The chemicals used in making sure the filters are white have some blame for the clarity, scummy, etc. And so does some coffees.
Try it and see.

By Holly [349]03/14/2006

Run your tap water a couple of minutes before using it. This is something you are supposed to do to anyway to limit the lead content.

By Kelly [15]03/09/2006

Well, the town I live in bills you for water use, so if your's does that there should be a number, otherwise look under Wastewater or Public Works in the blue section (government) of the phone book.

By Kathie [16]03/09/2006

Thanks Camo - how do I check with the water department. I will also try the bottled water tomorrow. I just bought a gallon of Poland Spring Water. Kathie in South Portland, Maine. I also just did laundry and I am so tired of all my whites being ruined/ I now have a tan wardrobe. I love white clothes and towels but can't get them here in South Portland, Maine.

By Kelly [15]03/08/2006

I have sediment built up in mine, between well water in AK, Wichita KS water, and all that, and after 4 years it is finally sluggish (I do vinegar once a month) And I notice a difference when they chlorinate the water once a month, in taste and cloudiness. Check your city's schedule? I would suggest switching to bottled/filtered water...I need to get a new coffee maker because mine is just too fargone!

By Jan Perry03/06/2006

My friend at the city water department said that sometimes air gets into the water and makes it cloudy.Check about your water.
Also, making large batches of tea at work (food service) with hot water, don't put in the ice until the cold water has gone in. That will make it cloudy.

By Joyce [4]03/06/2006

It could be the water in S.Portland. My cousin lives in Westbrook and has had that problem, they installed a water purifier to the faucet and that helped. We lived in Standish before moving to Tennessee and once in a while we had that problem when there was to much clorine.

By Kathie [16]03/06/2006

I tried the vinegar. I also do that every few months. Still cloudy coffee.

By Rebekah [1]03/05/2006

Hmm .. my first thought is there may be limescale or mineral build up on the inside of the coffee maker. Try brewing a pot of half white vinegar and half water followed by a couple pot of plain water to remove the vinegar smell. It will clean the insides out and hopefully whatever is causing your coffee to be cloudy. I usually do this every couple of months and ours is used every day. Just a warning though .. you're kitchen will smell like pickles! I usually just crack the window when it's cold outside!

Good Luck!

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