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Ink on Clothes that Have Been Dried

I dried an ink pen with a load of clothes. I need to know how to get it out of cotton pants, cargo pants. Thanks for any help.

By Tareasa from Dallas, TX

Recent Answers

By mkay563702/02/2012

I heard that babywipes will get the ink out of clothes. They say use a baby to plot the stain and then lay it over with a bit of pressure let it set for a hour or more and the use a stain remover spray and wash. I havent got to try it yet but I do know that it worked on lock tight from when I worked at trailer factory. Good luck!

By JoRock01/05/2011

Hello. This happened to me. A load of dark clothes was washed and dried with a red ink pen. I used hairspray on the clothes and had a cloth to rub the ink out. It works!

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