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LG Front Loader Washer is Off Balance

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I have a LG front load washer that goes off balance for every load. Why is this happening? My husband leveled the washer, but it still goes off balance and jumps across the floor.

By Katrina from NC


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By kathleen williams [76]01/12/2010

Do you have a cement floor? If not it could be the floor is moving when you are doing laundry. We had to put a sheet of plywood under our daughter's washer & dryer. It worked, good luck.

By nallely01/11/2010

This happened to me before, I would check to make sure that the clothes/items in your washer are not uneven. That is, that they are evenly distributed around the washer. That was the cause of my washer jumping around. Even if you don't think they look uneven, trying moving them around. It might work. Good luck!

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By Pamela Moore [5]02/21/2010

Our LG has done that one time, and it was I had just put too many clothes in it. What I did was just re-arranged the clothes a little, then restarted it. That worked. Even though it is a super size, it still has its limits.

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