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Samoyed's Hair Isn't Growing Back


My 4 year old Samoyed was shaved last summer. While the rest of his fur has grown back as normal, a large patch on his back hasn't grown back. He doesn't have any problems with it. He doesn't itch it, nor is it sore. I think this can be a common problem with this breed. Does anyone have any tips of what to give him to help it grow back? We have been recommended Efavet and having researched this it seems that the main ingredients are evening primrose oil and fish oil. I am thinking that if I give him these it may be helpful. What are you thoughts?

By roamingduck from Manchester, England


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By d horner 2 82 04/05/2009 Flag

It took a long time for my Pit's hair to grow back after being shaved for surgery too. She looked like a poor refugee from a lab or something but it did grow back. It took a few months but it's all back now.

Good diet and exercise are essential to help that along. If it still seems much too slow; you may want to think about getting the dog's thyroid checked.

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By Anna Shobe 5 38 04/07/2009 Flag

I have owned several samoyeds and you are not supposed to shave them because their skin sunburns very easily and their hair doesn't quite ever seem the same after shaving. That being said have your vet do a thyroid check as dh8 suggested, the other treatments with evening primrose oil would also be beneficial. The fact that only one patch is not regrowing is a little strange, it could be a sign of a problem. Samoyeds are a hair dog rather than a fur dog which is partly what makes them not react well to shaving. I live where it gets over a hundred degrees so I understand about the heat factor and shaving but you really shouldn't especially if you want to preserve the beauty of their coat. Instead if you have the space provide them with a kiddie pool to wade in and brush their coat daily to remove as much loose hair as possible, I always hosed mine down with cold water they didn't like the hosing very much but appreciated the cooling afterwards. Good luck, and please consult a vet or animal herbalist.

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By Mary M. 1 03/24/2013 Flag

I have recently taken on a samoyed whose coat had been shaved, tried her on all sorts and finally I have been adding salmon oil to her food the last 6 weeks and all of her hair even her back has fully grown back. It has worked wonders!
Hope it helps :)

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