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Can anyone tell me how I can get to the site for WalMart Free Samples. I have tried. It said "Free Samples", but never showed anything below that. Where are the Free Samples? Thanks again.

By angelheart from Clyde,Texas


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By Joan 13 1,479 05/31/2009 Flag

I have the same problem. Using links doesn't help for me. I used to be able to go to the WalMart site and go to free samples, and they would ocme up, but for almost a year they haven't. Last summer I started getting pornographic popups on my computer, and I paid an individual to come and take care of that, and since then I can't get the WalMart samples, and a few other sites that I used, on a regular basis. It seems like this guy has dropped off the face of the earth now. When I complained ot him about the WalMart samples, not showing up, it was like he didn't comprehend what I was saying, as long as it said free samples, everything should be OK. Sounds like "male" thinking to me. lol.

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By carolcoen 1 121 06/02/2009 Flag

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By melissa stone 5 15 06/03/2009 Flag This is a work from home site BUT they have a FREEBIES section under "bonus resources ". look on the left side of the page near the bottom. They send me a lot of free stuff from walmart.

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By Darin Jammer 1 08/11/2009 Flag

Don't know if this helps but has direct links on their home page to individual free sample pages on Walmart's site.

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Free Samples At

Free stuff! Go to When it comes up, type "free samples". When the proper box comes up, you'll see all sorts of freebies that will be sent to you (do remember they must have a birthdate indicating that the requester is an "adult"). I haven't bought toothpaste and a lot of things for months, got them free! Enjoy!

By Gedo3 from Jacksonville, FL


RE: Free Samples At

I have been receiving great free samples through the Wal-Mart site for months. I check it often because the items change frequently. (08/07/2007)

By Debbie52

Archive: Free Samples at

How can I get free samples from Walmart?

By Tltraylor from Youngstown, OH


RE: Free Samples At (04/28/2009)

By Anonymous

RE: Free Samples At

I actually got three things in the mail today having requested them on the Walmart freebie site. Got a sample of Zyrtec, a sample of Total Cranberry Crunch cereal, and a sample of Rachel Ray's Nutrish dog food. I check the website often and they are always updating it with new samples. It is a win, win situation. (04/28/2009)

By southeastgeorgiapeach

RE: Free Samples At

When you have Walmart's website. Type in "free samples" in the search box and then it will give you a box above the items they are trying to sell you and then you'll be able to choose what free samples you would like to get.

Thanks Amuck, for the direct post. I forgot to check what was new lately. (04/28/2009)

By kghsave

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