Recycling a Toaster Oven


I have a toaster oven which is broken. I do not want to throw it in with our trash. I'm looking for a recycling center or some other avenue to send the oven to.

By Cris from PA


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By OliveOyl 602 03/04/2010

Does your town have recycling for other materials like glass, plastic and newspaper? Call and ask them about recycling your toaster oven.

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By KL 3 554 03/04/2010

From another state's recycling site* I found this on toaster ovens:

Metal parts can be recycled. Look in the Yellow Pages, under "Scrap Metal" for a recycler near you. Most transfer stations also accept scrap metal. It might be work a try to call and ask.

If you think it might be fixable at all you might look up 'small applicance repair' and see if there is someone to donate it for fixing who might give it to someone in need.

At the very least you could probably remove the crumb tray or rack(s) and make something out of them or repurpose.

Not familiar with your area but you might poke around here;

* Souce:

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By Donna J. Cole 2 34 03/07/2010

Go to Freecyclegroups.com and see if there is a freecycle group in your area. Their idea is to keep usable items out of landfills and someone will want the toaster oven. You can offer or ask for items. Everything is free, money is not allowed.

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