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Gas Out Of Beans: Beano Alternative

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Is there something that will take some of the gas out of beans that I can use, instead of buying Beano?




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By Jean Carlson L.11/14/2013

There is a Mexican herb named epazote that can be cooked with the beans to remove the gas causing agent.

By L Charles01/24/2009

Thanks to everyone for all the really useful info. I have one other question - do these methods work for canned beans? I have loads in my cupboard for convenience sake - any ideas are greatly appreciated.
(PS I KNOW the irony of my user name in this instance - but it refers to Boston (my home town!)


By John (Guest Post)01/16/2009

I take a piece of aluminum foil about 2 to 3 inches wide, wad it up and cook the beans with the wad of foil in the pot. My 2 prim & proper daughters-in-law were worried about gas from the beans, but I told them if they had any after eating my beans it would be minimal. Works for them and anyone else who eats my beans.

By (Guest Post)01/08/2009

Ginger is a natural, cooking with or the juice bottled, candy, tea. Prevents or helps the after affect.

By Sue (Guest Post)12/30/2008

I do the quick soak method too with baking soda. Bring to a boil for three minutes, let sit two to three hours and then drain and rinse. No gas at all. Of course, I also stir them with a crooked stick....:-)

By Tracy (Guest Post)10/07/2008

My family has always used baking soda to cut down on the gassy effect from beans. The soda is added when you are merely soaking the beans. The beans are drained after soaking and then rinsed. All I can say is that it works. Remember ALWAYS rinse the beans after soaking. If you are making something like chili then you may have a science project your kid can take to school if you dont rinse the beans (remember the volcano made with paper mache that you use baking soda and vinegar or ketchup with?).

By Ginger J (Guest Post)09/26/2008

We use a pressure cooker to cook pinto beans after soaking them overnight. Twice we have added 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda to "help take the gas out" and twice we have blown up the pressure cooker. It only happens when we add baking soda to the soaking water. Why?

By stephanie (Guest Post)11/03/2007

A good friend of my mom uses the potato method also and it truly works.

By Donna in Kansas (Guest Post)10/04/2004

One thing I do is the quick-soak method listed on the package. I cover the beans with water, bring to a boil, let them boil 2 minutes, then remove from heat. I let them sit at least an hour, then pour off all of the water, refill the pan with clean water and boil for a couple of hours. Something about the first boiling seems to break open the outside coating of the bean, letting the gas-producing stuff out. But whatever you do, do not eat, drink or otherwise consume the water that you first boiled the beans in. I've heard if you do, it will bring very unpleasant results to you and those around you. Good luck.

By Vi (Guest Post)09/27/2004

After soaking the washed beans over night. My mother-in-law used a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in the water after the beans had started to simmer. Then she skimmed off the foam and then add a little more water and simmer until tender.

It seems to work. I've been doing that for years.We just finished a 2 lb package of pintos. And it works with pink beans too.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]09/27/2004

Thanks for pointing that out Jane, we deleted it.

By Kelly (Guest Post)09/27/2004

Two things:
Soaking them overnight seems to make them less gassy. Also, stirring in plain yogurt (gives a sour cream taste) also helps.

By Jane (Guest Post)09/27/2004

Please note that the castor oil post seems to me to be the worst kind of spam.

Castor oil is a vile-tasting laxative, and that amount would make you very, very sick.


By Connie Henry (Guest Post)09/27/2004

yes, I used to have the same problem until I started cooking a peeled carrot in with my beans. You can throw the carrot away when the beans are done or you can eat the carrot but the gas is gone. At least it seems to cut it out 95%. That's a big plus. I will not eat beans now without the carrot cooked in with them.

By Delaine (Guest Post)09/27/2004

My mom puts a potato in her beans... I dont know how it works but we have never had a problem with gas either.

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