Homemade Parvo Treatment


Ok, before the editors can place their "disclaimer" along with this post, I am going to place it here first. We full well understand NOT everyone is capable or has the knowledge we have behind us. So with this said, home treatment can be as expensive as vet treatment. Knowledge of animals is what helped us. Also, there are 2 forms of Parvo. We were lucky enough to be dealing with the intestinal type. If your dog develops the cardiac type, seek immediate vet help.

Editor's Note (the real one): Please discuss with a professional health care provider before starting this or any home treatment.

We have a pair of 7 month old Bull Dogs. Both had 1 set of shots. We received them as strays, so true age and health issues are truly unknown. Our male began showing signs and symptoms on Sept. 8th. On Sept. 11 we were told he had Parvo. On Sept 12, he received 1 anti-biotic shot and was sent home from a vet friend's home with orders to take him to the local vet hospital. Instead, we did our research and the following is what we did. This worked for us, I will not guarantee it will work in all cases.

Our first stop on our way home was the grocery store. We picked up Pedialyte, liquid infant anti-nausea medication, and Peptobismal. Every 30 minutes we gave him 10 cc of the Pedialyte. We also gave him 10 cc of Pedialyte with 5 cc of anti-nausea medicine.

The next morning, we made a run to town (we live in a vast farming community). First stop was more Pedialyte ($3.00 per bottle), rubber gloves ($5.00 per box), 1000mg MSM ($5.00 per bottle). The next stop was the health food store for 90 ppm colloidal silver ($20.00) - this item is a MUST, DO NOT skip it; Peppermint oil ($10.00), goldenseal root ($12.00), echinacea ($10.50), and Source of Life Gold Liquid vitamins ($16.00). All of these items are in liquid form. From there we went to the feed store and picked up antibiotic ($40.00) and needles. **Again DO NOT attempt this if you have never given an animal a shot before. My family are ranchers and so I was raised around this stuff.

Now, as our dog was throwing up we did an enema treatment. This is a must, and will get the medications into your dog without them throwing them right back out. Recipe to follow at the end. We did the enema 3 times the first day, 2 times the next day, and 1 the final day, only because he started eating and drinking on his own.

Our schedule basically consisted of:

  • First Day: Pedialyte and silver in between enemas. Antibiotic shot in the morning (only one per day).

  • Second Day: Rotate Pedialyte and Pedialyte with silver between enemas. Antibiotic shot.

  • Third Day: He was drinking on his own, so there was no need for Pedialyte.

Now our female was starting to show signs, so we started her on the treatment early and her signs are not nearly as severe as our male. It was more or less similar to depression. Honestly, if you are getting a new puppy, most of these items can be purchased and kept on hand just in case.

The enema recipe is as follows:


  • 2 (1000mg) MSM capsules, empty capsules to dissolve powder
  • 6 drops goldenseal
  • 6 drops echinacea
  • 4 drops peppermint oil
  • 1 - 2 cc colloidal silver (this is a must, do not skip)
  • 4 cc anti-nausea liquid
  • 4 cc Peptobismal
  • 5 cc Liquid Gold
  • 60 cc Pedialyte


Mix all of this in a purchased enema bottle. We used disposable ones by emptying out the included solution, rinsing it out, and then using the bottle.

Make sure mixture is mixed well and MSM is dissolved, coat tip with some form of non-toxic lubricant and make sure back bone is straight. We discovered that it was best to lay our dog down, straighten back, and insert, talking the whole time. We then rubbed his belly afterwards and he thought he was getting lovies.

Anyways, this is what worked for us. We do NOT guarantee it. The medications in the enema are the same as what is in Parvaid. That is why we purchased them. We did not/could not afford to wait. As for food, we bought turkey with rice baby food and mixed it with baby rice cereal. When he took his first bite we knew we had conquered this deadly illness.

One more thing, if your dogs show sign of Parvo, do not give them their next round of vaccines. This will make things worse. This includes any and all dogs exposed. This comes straight from our vet friend.

By Ealasaid from Four Corners, NM


By Johnny 1 11/17/2010

My Puppy "Shorty" got Parvo we took her to the vet they gave her IV and all that stuff. she was doing better. Now she is just trying to walk around but you can see she is too weak to walk. She walks to the water bowl and just looks at it but doesn't drink any. We give her Pedialyte, the vet said 5ml every hour but it doesn't seem to work. Her gums are white. Just last night they where pink.

She goes to the corner of the room and tries to throw up but nothing comes out. I tried feeding her food but she wont take it. I gave her water and Pedialyte. She's been up for a while now and she won't lay down in one spot, she just stays up. I don't know if it's safe to let her walk around or what. Very sad to see my puppy like this and can't really do anything about it. I just hope she pulls through and makes it.

Can someone help?

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By Julann W. 1 05/18/2011

My 11 month old yorkie has parvo. We hospitalized him for 5 days. The vet gave him an IV with fluids, an antibiotic, shots for nausea and pills for vomiting and diarrhea. I just brought him home today. He is eating a little something now. Not much just about a teaspoon full so far, but I am grateful to see his appetite slowly come back. He has not drank any water yet and I hear pedialite works well.

Please get you're dog to the vet, it will save your dogs life. If you can not afford it they have medications you can use at home like parvaide. Parvo can be treated and you're dog can live. I am proud to say my little yorkie, lil bear, is doing fairly well so far and is fighting hard against this deadly disease. I am keeping a close eye on him and giving him lots and lots of love and lots of prayer.

It cost about $500 dollars for 5 days at the hospital. Every penny was worth it. Parvo is very painful for the dog and for the owner to watch. Don't wait to treat them, get them help fast. God bless every one out there that is dealing with this right now. Your dog can make it, mine is.

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By morgandferny 1 03/08/2012

Throwing up is really bad. Especially if the dog is already dehydrated. With a medicine dropper I gave my dog about 3 CC or ml. Of pedialight every half hour. The goal is to keep them from throwing up because they lose moisture.

When they do drink from the bowl don't let them drink too much because it could make them sick. I also gave spunkie. A mixture of peppermint and camomile tea and chicken broth for nutrition. He is doing much better, starting to look more like himself. Once he hasn't thrown up for 24 hours and shows improvement I was told by my vet friend to boil some chicken and rice and give him about a teaspoon at a time.

Just don't give up on your pet.. I make my Spunkie stay in bed and I carry him to the restroom so he can save his energy. All I know is once I started monitoring his fluids intake he stopped throwing up.

Don't feel bad if you can't afford to take your pet to the vet just make sure you are watching them at home. Spunkie went from not moving to waggling his tail and more like himself in a few day.

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Can I give my dog golden seal for paro?

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By tiaraa 1 04/09/2013

Would I be able to give my dog penicillin vs potassium?

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By Fernanda V. 1 09/05/2013

Denise please tell me the name of the vet I think my puppy may have parvo and I don't have the funds for a vet. I also live in Pittsburg.

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By Michelle Marie W. 1 11/03/2013

Thank you so much! I have a 7 month old Shephard mix. He came down with Parvo and, at the time, we couldn't afford the vet fees. I was beside myself but I started looking online and found this info. After 3 days, he is back to normal and healthy as ever! I can't thank you enough!

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Archive: Homemade Parvo Treatment

If your puppy has parvo, make it swallow raw eggs 3-4 times a day. You may have to force them down their throat, I know this sounds mean, but it is for their own good.


Archive: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I am looking for a home treatment for parvo.

By robkingster1 from Burton, MI

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Please take your pet to the vet ASAP. Parvo is nothing to mess around with. Your pet could die without proper treatment. (09/11/2009)

By RDLaure

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I came upon this site when my dog contracted Parvo less than a week ago and was hopelessly trying anything to save him. I know taking them to the vet is number one, but when you don't have the money it is impossible to do. I noticed my dog was not well on 10/7/2009 and then we thought he was just not feeling good. Then we noticed the next day he was not eating or drinking any water or wanting to do anything. We figured that he was just under the weather and was just not that hungry, but on Friday he started throwing up and we knew he had parvo.

I have had other dogs that had it and we were scared that we were going to lose him also, but we went to a feed store to see what they could give us and they told us lots of vitamins and electrolytes which they sold to us and a syringe to give him the water with, every 2 hours.

I think we had caught it in time, but what I noticed was he was throwing the water right back up. So I searched and came up on this site I saw all the postings with Pepto Bismol and Gatorade and decided to try it out. What we did was mix his electrolytes with the Gatorade and gave that to him every 2-4 hours even at night time we all took turns feeding him the water. We gave him the Pepto Bismol 1-2 times a day, but only half a syringe, it worked so good for him it is now 10/13/2009 and my dog is doing much better now. He is playing and eating, almost back to his normal self. I just want to say it worked for my dog it can work for yours. You just have to have faith and pray that they will get better by the way. My dog is an Akita male. (10/13/2009)

By noodles8821

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Not sure if any of you still need this help, but I need to share what I have discovered. Goat's milk! My puppy had began acting very sick so I took her to the vet. For $1,000 I could leave her in the hospital and she may have a 50% chance of survival, but if I took her home she would have a 25% chance. I didn't have that kind of money and I have her sister at home who I was afraid may come down with it too so that would have been another $1,000.

I called my uncle who has raised dogs for many years and he said to take her home and give her goat's milk. He actually met me at my house and helped me pour it down her because they won't eat or drink so you have to force it into them. That night while talking to my sister-in-law she told me the same thing. Her grandfather had used that remedy for years and they had never lost a dog to parvo. I started my puppy on goat's milk and rotated that with Pedialyte every two hours and saw a huge improvement within the first day and a half. Completely well within 4-5 days. This works and it's worth your trying it. You can purchase a can of goat's milk in your local grocery store. (03/23/2010)

By wendstorm

Archive: Homemade Parvo Treatment

My dog was diagnosed with parvo tonight and I can't afford to treat her at the vet, is there a home remedy that I can make for my dog?