Homemade Parvo Treatment

By Ealasaid 1

Ok, before the editors can place their "disclaimer" along with this post, I am going to place it here first. We full well understand NOT everyone is capable or has the knowledge we have behind us. So with this said, home treatment can be as expensive as vet treatment. Knowledge of animals is what helped us. Also, there are 2 forms of Parvo. We were lucky enough to be dealing with the intestinal type. If your dog develops the cardiac type, seek immediate vet help.


Editor's Note (the real one): Please discuss with a professional health care provider before starting this or any home treatment.

We have a pair of 7 month old Bull Dogs. Both had 1 set of shots. We received them as strays, so true age and health issues are truly unknown. Our male began showing signs and symptoms on Sept. 8th. On Sept. 11 we were told he had Parvo. On Sept 12, he received 1 anti-biotic shot and was sent home from a vet friend's home with orders to take him to the local vet hospital. Instead, we did our research and the following is what we did. This worked for us, I will not guarantee it will work in all cases.

Our first stop on our way home was the grocery store. We picked up Pedialyte, liquid infant anti-nausea medication, and Peptobismal. Every 30 minutes we gave him 10 cc of the Pedialyte. We also gave him 10 cc of Pedialyte with 5 cc of anti-nausea medicine.

The next morning, we made a run to town (we live in a vast farming community). First stop was more Pedialyte ($3.00 per bottle), rubber gloves ($5.00 per box), 1000mg MSM ($5.00 per bottle). The next stop was the health food store for 90 ppm colloidal silver ($20.00) - this item is a MUST, DO NOT skip it; Peppermint oil ($10.00), goldenseal root ($12.00), echinacea ($10.50), and Source of Life Gold Liquid vitamins ($16.00). All of these items are in liquid form. From there we went to the feed store and picked up antibiotic ($40.00) and needles. **Again DO NOT attempt this if you have never given an animal a shot before. My family are ranchers and so I was raised around this stuff.

Now, as our dog was throwing up we did an enema treatment. This is a must, and will get the medications into your dog without them throwing them right back out. Recipe to follow at the end. We did the enema 3 times the first day, 2 times the next day, and 1 the final day, only because he started eating and drinking on his own.

Our schedule basically consisted of:

Now our female was starting to show signs, so we started her on the treatment early and her signs are not nearly as severe as our male. It was more or less similar to depression. Honestly, if you are getting a new puppy, most of these items can be purchased and kept on hand just in case.

The enema recipe is as follows:



Mix all of this in a purchased enema bottle. We used disposable ones by emptying out the included solution, rinsing it out, and then using the bottle.

Make sure mixture is mixed well and MSM is dissolved, coat tip with some form of non-toxic lubricant and make sure back bone is straight. We discovered that it was best to lay our dog down, straighten back, and insert, talking the whole time. We then rubbed his belly afterwards and he thought he was getting lovies.

Anyways, this is what worked for us. We do NOT guarantee it. The medications in the enema are the same as what is in Parvaid. That is why we purchased them. We did not/could not afford to wait. As for food, we bought turkey with rice baby food and mixed it with baby rice cereal. When he took his first bite we knew we had conquered this deadly illness.

One more thing, if your dogs show sign of Parvo, do not give them their next round of vaccines. This will make things worse. This includes any and all dogs exposed. This comes straight from our vet friend.

By Ealasaid from Four Corners, NM

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By Johnny 1 Flag

November 17, 2010

My Puppy "Shorty" got Parvo we took her to the vet they gave her IV and all that stuff. she was doing better. Now she is just trying to walk around but you can see she is too weak to walk. She walks to the water bowl and just looks at it but doesn't drink any. We give her Pedialyte, the vet said 5ml every hour but it doesn't seem to work. Her gums are white. Just last night they where pink.

She goes to the corner of the room and tries to throw up but nothing comes out. I tried feeding her food but she wont take it. I gave her water and Pedialyte. She's been up for a while now and she won't lay down in one spot, she just stays up. I don't know if it's safe to let her walk around or what. Very sad to see my puppy like this and can't really do anything about it. I just hope she pulls through and makes it.

Can someone help?

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By Julann W. 1 Flag

May 18, 2011

My 11 month old yorkie has parvo. We hospitalized him for 5 days. The vet gave him an IV with fluids, an antibiotic, shots for nausea and pills for vomiting and diarrhea. I just brought him home today. He is eating a little something now. Not much just about a teaspoon full so far, but I am grateful to see his appetite slowly come back. He has not drank any water yet and I hear pedialite works well.

Please get you're dog to the vet, it will save your dogs life. If you can not afford it they have medications you can use at home like parvaide. Parvo can be treated and you're dog can live. I am proud to say my little yorkie, lil bear, is doing fairly well so far and is fighting hard against this deadly disease. I am keeping a close eye on him and giving him lots and lots of love and lots of prayer.

It cost about $500 dollars for 5 days at the hospital. Every penny was worth it. Parvo is very painful for the dog and for the owner to watch. Don't wait to treat them, get them help fast. God bless every one out there that is dealing with this right now. Your dog can make it, mine is.

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By morgandferny 1 Flag

March 8, 2012

Throwing up is really bad. Especially if the dog is already dehydrated. With a medicine dropper I gave my dog about 3 CC or ml. Of pedialight every half hour. The goal is to keep them from throwing up because they lose moisture.

When they do drink from the bowl don't let them drink too much because it could make them sick. I also gave spunkie. A mixture of peppermint and camomile tea and chicken broth for nutrition. He is doing much better, starting to look more like himself. Once he hasn't thrown up for 24 hours and shows improvement I was told by my vet friend to boil some chicken and rice and give him about a teaspoon at a time.

Just don't give up on your pet.. I make my Spunkie stay in bed and I carry him to the restroom so he can save his energy. All I know is once I started monitoring his fluids intake he stopped throwing up.

Don't feel bad if you can't afford to take your pet to the vet just make sure you are watching them at home. Spunkie went from not moving to waggling his tail and more like himself in a few day.

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September 12, 2012 Flag

Can I give my dog golden seal for paro?

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By tiaraa 1 Flag

April 9, 2013

Would I be able to give my dog penicillin vs potassium?

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By Fernanda V. 1 Flag

September 5, 2013

Denise please tell me the name of the vet I think my puppy may have parvo and I don't have the funds for a vet. I also live in Pittsburg.

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By Michelle Marie W. 1 Flag

November 3, 2013

Thank you so much! I have a 7 month old Shephard mix. He came down with Parvo and, at the time, we couldn't afford the vet fees. I was beside myself but I started looking online and found this info. After 3 days, he is back to normal and healthy as ever! I can't thank you enough!

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Archive: Homemade Parvo Treatment

If your puppy has parvo, make it swallow raw eggs 3-4 times a day. You may have to force them down their throat, I know this sounds mean, but it is for their own good. The raw eggs provide them nutrition and they can't throw them up. It has worked for me and my family.

By Linda from KY


RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Please take the puppy to the Vet ASAP. There is no "home treatment" for parvo.

If you cannot afford treatment, please contact your local humane society.

Jennifer from Northern VA (07/27/2007)

By ILuvDobes

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I hear all the time that dogs with parvo can't be cured at home. I would have to say they are wrong. We got a puppy at 5 months old, and were told he had his shots. He didn't. He became ill and we had him tested. It was parvo. I treated him with nutmeg mixed in a little white milk, for the vomiting, plain peach yogurt, and Pedialyte. Now he will be a year old in October. (08/30/2007)

By Dollie

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

We have had quite a bit of experience with parvo. The first time we took our puppy to the vet and had him hospitalized and given IV fluids and antibiotics. Cost us over $1500. When the second puppy started to show signs we had done some research and started her on Pepto Bismol right away and she never got so sick she needed IV fluids. We got her antibiotics from the vet, but no other cost.

If you catch it early the home remedies will save you a lot of stress and money. If your puppy is very dehydrated you need IV fluids and if your puppy has the bloody diarrhea you need an antibiotic. The best bet is buy a parvo remedy and have it on hand for when your puppy starts showing symptoms. Even puppies and dogs with their shots can get parvo the severity will vary. FYI there is a parvo strain out right now infecting a lot of adult dogs. We are a cocker breeder and have seen more puppies survive parvo than die from it. (11/01/2007)

By Tiffany

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

You should never force anything down a dog. It could end up aspirating (inhaling into their lungs) whatever you are forcing down and then you will most likely have a case of pneumonia to deal with on top of what you were trying to treat in the first place. (12/25/2007)

By Erin

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I have had two dogs survive after they contracted the parvo virus. The first was in really bad shape with the bloody poop and stuff. We couldn't afford the hospitalization either so our vet gave us several different shots to give her and I just stayed up with her all day and night for a couple of days, giving her lots and lots of water and she made it. (01/06/2008)

By Christian


Just so everyone knows a puppy needs 3 parvo shost starting at about 6 weeks of age, each 2-3 weeks apart to be fully vaccinated. This will give your puppy a 98 percent chance of not getting parvo if they are exposed more than two weeks after the last shot. It also gives them about a 98 percent chance of recovery if they do come down with it. (01/14/2008)

By Allen T.

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

If you think that your puppy has parvo please go see a doctor first. My vet wanted 600.00 to keep my puppy and treat him for parvo or I could pay 131.00 and take him home and pray that he will make it through. He said that Barney (Bassett X) had a 50/50 chance of makingit through with home treatment. He had a 80% chance at the vet office.

He gave me 2 meds and 2 packs of electrolytes. I was also told to give him Gatorade or Pedialyte. After getting home, he took a turn for the worst the next day. I spent many hours researching home treatments. I came up on this website. I took advice from others and gave him Pepto orally (once or twice anally) and Gatorade anally. I would give him Gatorade orally too to keep his mouth from drying up.

In less then 12 hours he was back to his old self. He was back eating and drinking on his own. Even after he started eating on his own I still gave him some Pepto just to make sure his stomach was okay. I also gave him Gatorade anally. (04/18/2008)

By fawnkturner

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I did the egg thing not even 4 hours ago, amazing results. My Pit bull Rascal, almost 2 yrs old next months is now more alert than he was all morning and or when we got home from the hospital 2 days ago. We were told that we have to keep him in the pet hospital and the estimate came up to $7,000.00 for 1 week. All I could afford was $510.00 for 12 hours. We were told that we only had a 50/50 chance with him, but less if we brought him home.

I brought him back home Wednesday morning in hopes to get him better. I thank you for your post and homemade treatment, he finally stopped throwing up and had a large BM today after he had one egg. Not runny, but his so alert and doing good. I have him on antibiotics - Ampicillin 500mg 1 capsule twice daily for 7 days and anti-vomiting Metoclopramide 10mg 1 tablet by mouth every 8 hours until gone. Including IV fluids 1000 ml bag of Normosol-R multiple Electrolytes Injection type 1, USP. Give under the skin only 500ml every 12 hrs. You have to pull skin and form a pocket to give medication. Please have a vet explain the process before you do anything. So far so good. The egg works his still doing good. His drinking a little more and keeping things down. I got kisses today from my boy.

Cook rice and chicken boneless like stew, but bland. No salt or spices please, it will hurt the belly. Then give them some to eat, a few tsp every 1 to 2 hours. Thank you and good luck to everyone else out there. My boy is doing better today.

To get rid of the virus in your home you need to bleach everything, 1 cup bleach to 30 cups water. Yard is much harder, but I did add more bleach out side to kill the virus. I was told it could live in soil for years if not treated. God bless to all of you who have to suffer this terrible illness. (04/25/2008)

By lulus2cute4u

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RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

My puppy is 11 months. She started feeling very sick on Thursday 5/22 I thought it was just a stomach virus until Friday. She vomited all over my restroom floor and she looked very weak so I took her to the vet and they charged me $234 to tell me that my she had parvo and she had a 50/50 chance.

I didn't have any more money so I decided to bring her home and try my best to keep her alive. I gave her Pedialyte every 15 minutes by syringe plus I also gave her my daughter's antibiotic amoxicillin. My brother had also given me a med that brings up her sugar level and blood, it is called Nutri-cal. It really works. Now she is back eating and drinking plus she playing and jumping. God bless all and I hope this advice was helpful. (05/27/2008)

By Esmeralda

Editor's Note: While an antibiotic may be indicated for a dog with Parvo, giving the remainder of a family member's prescription is not a good alternative. When a child is given an antibiotic (or an adult for that matter) the protocol is to take "All" of the medication. There should not be any left to dose someone else or a sick dog. Not taking all of an antibiotic contributes to disease resistant strains of bacteria. Please get meds specifically for your dogs.

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

My eight month old pit was diagnosed with parvo. I took her to the vet as soon as I saw she wasn't herself. She was vomiting a little, with diarrhea. They kept her from Friday to Monday. The vet didn't think she'd make it, but she did.

My four month old pit started showing signs of parvo with the vomiting and diarrhea. I treated him at home as soon as it started. I gave him Pepto and Pedialyte and Nutrical through a syringe (a medicine syringe) orally. He was back to his normal self within 2 days. I also bleached our yard thoroughly and shampooed the carpets 5-6 times. Neither of my dogs had been vaccinated. Vaccination is very important and I learned a huge lesson.

The vet charged $545 for my eight month old's stay, but it was worth it. She is now back to eating like a cow, and bouncing off the walls with energy, as is my four month old. Parvo can be treated at home, but you have to be totally diligent in your care of the dog, meaning to keep them hydrated with liquids, even if it means forcing them.

Let this be a lesson, vaccinate your pets. You can even buy vaccines online for a very cheap price and they ship them on ice, if you're comfortable with vaccinating them yourself. (06/05/2008)

By Nadine

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RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I do not understand why there is so much ignorance about parvo! It's "been around" many, many years and veterinarians have been preaching about it for all that time. Antibiotics will not cure parvo. Raw eggs will not cure parvo. (Who in the world says dogs can't throw up eggs?) The vet will not put your dog down without your consent and should require a signed consent. Tamiflu will not cure parvo.

People should 1) get their dogs vaccinated by a vet, 2) follow instructions from a vet, and 3) stop trying all these crazy ideas and just do what the trained experts recommend. Just for the record, vomiting animals should not have anything by mouth for at least 6 hours after the last vomiting. More fluids just further irritate an already irritated stomach and make it worse. (06/29/2008)

By Glenn'sMom

Puppy Feedback

We just had a 3 and half month old puppy pass away October 05 2008 @ 3:00 a.m. We made the mistake of not getting his shots, so please do not do the same. We found this site 3 hours ago, and tried the eggs, but it was too late. We didn't do anything we should have, only because we thought it was colitis, instead. Take your dog to the vet and get them their shots.

Please he was the most adorable and smart American Pit we have ever owned. This is not only in dedication to our little boy Rocky, but also a reminder to take extra precaution with your pets. (10/05/2008)

By David And Chelsea S

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Parvo treatment

I have had several dogs die of parvo. However, the ones that were saved were by injecting them with the antibodies of a dog who had had parvo and had made antibodies against it. This improved the chances of the dog surviving significantly. Of course, you have to give the Amoxillin and Flagyll for the stool. I have found that Cerelac is a good food which keeps the pups energetic. Don't let them drink too much water as it induces vomiting. I've provided about 100 cc an hour if they are drinking themselves. (10/08/2008)

By Ali K.

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Parvaid is given hourly in conjunction with Pedialyte or Gatorade for treating parvo. It works excellently at helping parvo puppies get well again and has a 90% success rate at preventing parvo if dosed preventatively as soon as you know your puppy has been exposed.

Lots of information here: <a href =" http://www.parvopuppy.com">parvopuppy.com

or here: wolfcreekranch1.tripod.com

Here are some retail stores that carry it, so you can get it right away: /wolfcreekranch1.tripod.com/retailers

We used it after the vet lost one of our parvo puppies and euthanized another. Someone e-mailed me about Parvaid and we drove 5 hours round trip to get it. It saved our remaining 5 puppies. We just didn't have $7200 to treat the other 5 with the vet whose success rate was extremely poor.

Best wishes for a quick and easy recovery for your puppy. (10/24/2008)

By healthy pets

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I just want to post a note about all of these so called homemade Parvo treatments. I had a litter of four puppies who I could not afford to treat for Parvo so I tried all of these stupid homemade remedies and watched as my poor puppies suffered and died one by one.

We finally got some help from our family members and we took our last remaining pup to the vet where she not only got fluids but antibiotics and other medications and I am happy to report that it is now 2 weeks later and she is a happy and healthy little girl.

I just want to let people out there know that it is a complete crock that all your vet does to treat Parvo is to give them fluids and feed them. There is so much more to it. Those people who think they "cured" Parvo with this stuff probably did not have puppies with Parvo. My veterinarian told me that most likely those puppies probably had Coccidia which can also have many of the same symptoms as Parvo. (11/02/2008)

By Angry

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

A lot of what I am hearing is backlash at the veterinarian for giving the best care that they can possibly offer, which starts with education and vaccination. I see 3-4 month old pups getting parvo when they should be on their last set of vaccinations and pretty much immune at this point. There is no such thing as a free animal, there is no such thing as free health care, it costs to treat an infected dog.

Wellness visits, vaccination protocols and obtaining your pup from a reputable place such as the ASPCA or other animal shelter will prevent these tragedies. Buying a pup from a backyard breeder or accepting a pup from a free to a good home litter is asking for trouble. Your pup needs to have consecutive tests for internal parasites, have consecutive dewormings and be vaccinated intially at around 6-8 weeks of age for Distemper and Parvo and there after every 3-4 weeks until age 16-18 weeks.

There are programs such as Care Credit and VPI Pet Insurance to help defer the cost. Again, "don't you dare say" that Veterinarians are heartless, cold, money hungry, quacks. They know what is best and will offer their best, but yes it costs money. If you really feel this way, take a look in the mirror and ask your self why you didn't take the precautions necessary to prevent this from happening? Why didn't you educate yourself before bringing a puppy into the household? If you can't afford the shots, why are you surprised that the treatment is so extensive and expensive? An ounce of prevention is worth more that a ton of cure and yes, Parvo will overcome many of its victims.

I have been an animal nurse for 4 years and yes I have answered many questions and educated many owners on the dangers of puppy illnesses. I am currently treating a friend's dog for Parvo with the proper treatment, IV fluids, Antinausea drugs, triple acting antibiotics, sedatives and "no food by mouth". NEVER force anything down the throat of a nauseous or vomiting dog, it will cause stress, defeat the purpose of getting the nutrition or meds into them and may make the vomiting worse.

One last note, the main reason it is essential to have your pup in the hospital is to prevent further contamination of the home environment especially if there are other pets in the household. Clinics keep their patients clean, dry, monitored, and have isolation areas in which they keep the infective animals.
"It has to run it's course". The smaller and younger the animal the more critical it is to have them hospitalized, they have a higher body water content than those of older animals plus they are more susceptible to secondary infection. (11/06/2008)

By SEUT Registered Vet Tech

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I have a 4 month old rottie and he just started symptoms of parvo today. I am going to try these home remedies of egg and Pedialyte. I have also found a recipe for a tea that is made from, Pedialyte, herbal peppermint and chamomile tea, honey, 2 capsules of Echinacea, 250mgs of MSM with glucosamine. Heat 2 cups Pedialyte, 2 bags of each tea, 1 capsule of Echinacea, 250 mg of MSM, 1 tsp honey. Heat as if you were making tea, but not to a boil. Give 1tsp then, again 15 minutes later. Repeat every hour 1tsp for every 10 lbs of body weight. I really hope this all works and good luck to all who are fighting this horrible sickness. (11/22/2008)

By Wendy

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Our 5 month old puppy came down with Parvo. I noticed initially that he was not eating or drinking for 2 days. Although I did not note him to have any stools, I was still concerned about the possibility of Parvo. I took him to the vet. He stayed in the hospital for 4 days on IVs and was given fluids for dehydration, antibiotics for secondary infection. It is necessary to note that the antibiotics are not for the virus. Antivirals only treat viruses.

Antibiotics treat the secondary infection related to the Parvo. The dogs do not drink, therefore they do not have enough fluids in their body. This is known as dehydration and will effect the kidneys. The virus breaks down the lining of the stomach and intestines. The normal bacteria from the intestines goes out into the surrounding areas and bloodstream (I believe). This causes bacteria to build up and consequently infection that is treated with the antibiotics.

Now, after the fourth day, he was still not eating. We decided to take him home to see if he would eat in his own environment. I gave him very tiny amounts of raw egg in a dropper. I gave him time (at least a half hour) to digest the egg. I also have him a few drops of water using the dropper. He seemed better the next day. I put water in the palm of my hand for him to lick at. I gave him tiny bits of science diet soft puppy food on my finger. It sticks to the roof of his mouth.

I waited at least a hour to see if he would vomit, but he did not. After the second day, he was eating small dog food pieces readily (by himself). I also gave him tiny drops of Pepto Bismol only once to coat his stomach on the first day. It is necessary to note that I did this as I thought he was not eating at the vet and I figured it was better he determine his own fate at home with his family. He is doing better. Just because someone is not able to afford treatment does not make them bad pet owners.

Your dogs love you for the love you give them. If you cannot afford treatment at the vet, make sure they are getting some water by mouth. The vet cautions against raw egg, but it does have protein. They suggest cooked pieces of chicken and rice. They also suggest cooked oatmeal. Bland foods that do not irritate the stomach and intestinal tracts. I am not a vet, but these are just suggestions. Something is better than nothing.

I should also say that there are nonprofit agencies that you may have in your area who may be able to help with the treatments. Please try to search in your areas. If the dog has an infection it will need antibiotics. If it is not drinking fluids and continues to vomit, it will need IV therapy to survive. Parvo can only be diagnosed through a test. Parvo is the one virus dogs should be vaccinated against. The vet suggests the dogs be vaccinated at 8-12 weeks, three vaccinations three weeks apart. The puppies lose their natural immunity from their mother along that time. If the puppy was obtained early at 6- 8 weeks, it most likely never got enough immunity and is at increased risk for this disease.

This disease can live outside for several months and is carried on the feet and shoes of animals or humans respectively. You or an animal can carry it to your home and you would never know. Also is the fact that it is in poop and vomit. If a dog sniffs or eats the poop it may contract the disease.

The feed stores carry these injections, but they may not be as good as what the vet carries, yet it may be better than nothing. Some persons immunize their pet themselves. It is not suggested, but may be better than nothing at all. (12/24/2008)

By betterthannot

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Whatever you do, do not, I repeat do not, go get them the parvo shots if they are already showing symptoms of parvo or if it is confirmed. All it will do is put more parvo into their system. We are treating our dog at home now and we finally got her to eat food again after a day of vet treatments. Also anyone that says yogurt can kill parvo is wrong. Yogurt is bacteria and viruses kill bacteria. Do your research before you post and give people false hope. Well, I have a sick dog to tend to, wish me luck. (12/28/2008)

By Ricky

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I know a prior post talked negatively about the benefits of feeding a pup yogurt, but I had a positive experience with yogurt. My brother's America Bulldog had pups that came down with Parvo after receiving their 2nd vaccination. I took one of the pups home to help (they had seven).

He was at death's door even after vet help. He had blood in his feces and could not keep anything down. I began by giving Pedialyte by the dropper and a spoonful of yogurt every two hours, even during the night, I set my clock to wake me up. I would carry him outside every hour during the day so he could "use the bathroom" if he needed to and before and after feeding over night. Needless to say I was exhausted.

My rational for the yogurt was that my doctor told me to feed my children yogurt during a stomach virus if they could tolerate it, because it helped to restore good bacteria to the lining of the intestine. I thought maybe that would work for the pup, too. I don't know if the yogurt helped, but it certainly did not harm.

On the third day, I was feeding him several spoonfuls of yogurt and introducing soft food. I also bleached everything that vomit or feces touched, even the yard. (After a few minutes I rinsed with water.) Again, I don't know if that helped, but my goal was to contain the virus as much as possible.

My children and I were excited when I took him outside and he "did a solid". Life is odd, I never thought that a pup passing solid feces would be so joyful, but it was. The pup is now two years old and a beautiful and loving dog.

Good luck to everyone who reads this. I am now treating another dog with parvo. She is much bigger, so I am trying the eggs. I hope this works, she's such a good dog. (01/07/2009)

By Susan

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I often read where people post saying they were told their puppy had shots, but it got parvo and died so they were lied to. I just wanted to make you all aware that even with shots dogs can get the disease. I know. I had 6 beautiful poodles all age 8 months to 1 year in age. They had all of their shots, I witnessed them given by my veterinarian, yet they got Parvo and all died but 1. So please be aware of this. (02/02/2009)

By Petuniapig

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I am a vet tech at a clinic that sees a lot of parvo positive pups. 1st thing I want to say is vaccinate your healthy pups. They need a distemper/parvo/adeniovirus/parainfluenza/corona combo shot every 3-4 weeks starting at 6-8 weeks old until they are at least 16 weeks old.

This vaccine does not give your puppy parvo. Your puppy can incubate the virus for for 7-10 days before breaking with it. (Just like us, we don't get the flu immediately from another person) Parvovirus can live in your environment for 6 "years". Any unvaccinated dog you bring into your environment for the next 6 years can contract the virus. Bleach will kill the virus on hard non-porous areas. Bleach will not work on your yard, it inactivates with dirt.

If your puppy is acting lethargic, not eating or drinking, vomiting or having diarrhea, take him to the vet immediately. Do not wait and see if he is going to get better, 1st symptom take him. Time is very important. Best treatment for parvo is hospitalization. Yes, this is expensive, but worth it. Parvo pups need constant care and attention. Dehydration is the biggest thing in pups with parvo, they are losing all their fluids by vomiting. Pedialyte by mouth "every" 15 minutes to help fight dehydration.

Amount depends on how big pup is (your vet can give you amounts). 'No food"! This includes raw eggs. I have been a tech for 8 years and I have never heard a vet say to give raw eggs. Your pup does need prescription antibiotics and prescription anti-nausea medicine. The antibiotics are for any secondary infection that may set up in the intestines, because they are so raw and irritated from the virus.

Go to your vet. If your vet doesn't offer at home treatment instruction, find one who does. If your parvo pup dies even after being hospitalized, it is not the vet's fault. Parvo is a very deadly virus. Vaccinate your dog. When they get over parvo, booster the vaccine, they can still get distemper and corona and others that the vaccine protects against. (02/16/2009)

By Sandra

Archive: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I am looking for a home treatment for parvo.

By robkingster1 from Burton, MI


RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Please take your pet to the vet ASAP. Parvo is nothing to mess around with. Your pet could die without proper treatment. (09/11/2009)

By RDLaure

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I came upon this site when my dog contracted Parvo less than a week ago and was hopelessly trying anything to save him. I know taking them to the vet is number one, but when you don't have the money it is impossible to do. I noticed my dog was not well on 10/7/2009 and then we thought he was just not feeling good. Then we noticed the next day he was not eating or drinking any water or wanting to do anything. We figured that he was just under the weather and was just not that hungry, but on Friday he started throwing up and we knew he had parvo.

I have had other dogs that had it and we were scared that we were going to lose him also, but we went to a feed store to see what they could give us and they told us lots of vitamins and electrolytes which they sold to us and a syringe to give him the water with, every 2 hours.

I think we had caught it in time, but what I noticed was he was throwing the water right back up.
So I searched and came up on this site I saw all the postings with Pepto Bismol and Gatorade and decided to try it out. What we did was mix his electrolytes with the Gatorade and gave that to him every 2-4 hours even at night time we all took turns feeding him the water. We gave him the Pepto Bismol 1-2 times a day, but only half a syringe, it worked so good for him it is now 10/13/2009 and my dog is doing much better now. He is playing and eating, almost back to his normal self. I just want to say it worked for my dog it can work for yours. You just have to have faith and pray that they will get better by the way. My dog is an Akita male. (10/13/2009)

By noodles8821

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Not sure if any of you still need this help, but I need to share what I have discovered. Goat's milk! My puppy had began acting very sick so I took her to the vet. For $1,000 I could leave her in the hospital and she may have a 50% chance of survival, but if I took her home she would have a 25% chance. I didn't have that kind of money and I have her sister at home who I was afraid may come down with it too so that would have been another $1,000.

I called my uncle who has raised dogs for many years and he said to take her home and give her goat's milk. He actually met me at my house and helped me pour it down her because they won't eat or drink so you have to force it into them. That night while talking to my sister-in-law she told me the same thing. Her grandfather had used that remedy for years and they had never lost a dog to parvo. I started my puppy on goat's milk and rotated that with Pedialyte every two hours and saw a huge improvement within the first day and a half. Completely well within 4-5 days. This works and it's worth your trying it. You can purchase a can of goat's milk in your local grocery store. (03/23/2010)

By wendstorm

Archive: Homemade Parvo Treatment

My dog was diagnosed with parvo tonight and I can't afford to treat her at the vet, is there a home remedy that I can make for my dog? If so can someone please tell me what I need to help my dog, Honey?

By Denise from Pittsburg, CA


RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I am so sorry to hear this! The best I can tell you is to read the ThriftyFun archives below this comments section :-( I am saying prayers for Honey! (06/02/2010)

By Deeli

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

There really is no home treatment. Ask you vet if you can do sub Q fluids to prevent dehydration. this is easy and cheap. Perhaps he can suggest electrolytes (sugar, salt and potassium) mixed in water that you can give Honey for the diarrhea. This should be inexpensive also. sometimes you can find these at Feed stores. Some dogs do survive parvo. Good luck to you and Honey. Let us know how she does. (06/02/2010)

By Lizzyanny

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

I am not a Vet, or a Vet Tech. I own no stock in anything related, however, I would NEVER compromise the health of one of my beloved pets by "self treating". That is a roll of the dice I want no part of; I love my pets too much to take that chance. (06/19/2010)

By ILuvDobes

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Veterinarian are just like anybody else. There are those who do the work because they honestly love doing the job and there are those who do the job because they were under the impression starting out that they could get rich. It takes just as much education to become a veterinarian as it does to become an MD. I don't know too many people who would say, "Just shoot him, doc." if they were told they needed an expensive treatment for their child but it's said everyday about their "pets". I don't know of any drug companies who will donate medicines to veterinary offices to treat animals belonging to people who can't afford treatment. I don't know of many people who will work for very long without pay because the veterinarian didn't charge the owner or the owner decided not to pay. People (some not all) seem to think if the animal dies the doctor failed. Vets aren't God and even God's children die.

Yes indeed there are vets who will charge way over the top for services! Have you thought about what equipment a veterinarian has to have in his office that an MD doesn't? He/She must have an x-ray machine and developer, surgery suite, lab equipment, surgical prep area, should I go on or do you get the point? Yep, some of them will gouge and some owners will cheat and steal services. Please don't paint all veterinarians with the same brush filled with tar. I've known one vet who would sneak back to the kennel at night so he could hand feed a sick dog. This same vet brought sick animals home at night so they could sleep beside his bed. He had to be at work the next day and had to get some rest. The same veterinarian has shut himself in his office abd cried when he had to call an owner with bad news. I know this veterinarian very well because I've been his wife for 25 years. Yep, some gouge, others do not. (06/19/2010)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Hello everybody, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support. My dog "Honey " was diagnosed with parvo a few weeks back, and I asked for some advice on home remedies for treating my dog at home, because I couldn't afford the pet bill. Well I just wanted everyone to know that Honey is doing very good today! I found a vet that sold me the IV for Honey and showed me how to give it to her, and only charged me $15.00. As soon as I gave her her first treatment within 45 minutes she was eating on her own, and playing. She was back to herself in no time. So honey and I wanted you all to know how much we appreciated your feedback.

Thank you all and god bless.

Sincerely, Denise, and Honey (06/20/2010)

By missruiz

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RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Oh, Denise, this is the most wonderful news and so very sweet and special of you to have shared this happy ending with us! Most people don't share and it is so refreshing when someone does!

God Bless that vet and please tell him/her that a total stranger here at ThriftyFun is giving them huge hugs for their kindness and caring!

Enjoy the many years of love and friendship to come between you and Honey! (06/21/2010)

By Deeli

RE: Homemade Parvo Treatment

Hello everyone. My little Chihuahua Cookie had Parvo. I tired everything the vet told me to, and despite everything we did she lasted 27 hours from the first time she started vomiting . She was over a year old and my little buddy. I kick myself over and over for not having her shots up to date. My other 2 Chihuahuas are current on their shots, so what the heck was i thinking not having hers? This was the worst thing I have ever gone through and never want to do it again. Please as a pet owner do the responsible thing and have your loving pets vaccinated against the unseen killer they call Parvo. I miss you my lil Cookie Bookie and love you very much . (07/24/2010)

By akerns73

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