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Altering Jeans to Replace Button and Zipper with Elastic or Velcro


My husband is disabled and has issues with the zipper and button on his jeans. I'm wondering if there is an easy way to make an elastic waist in his jeans. Thanks!

I'm even willing to change the zipper and button into Velcro, but am worried about how they would do in the washing machine. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

By Cathy


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By Joan B. [2] 06/27/2011

Velcro would be the easiest solution, I don't think a regular waist band is large enough to run elastic through and do the job of holding the jeans up. There probably wouldn't be enough "give" in the elastic. Also if the button is one of those metal ones, I don't think it can be removed without leaving a hole that you would have to patch in some way. Velcro does sometimes stick to other items in the laundry, it does help if you make sure it is fastened when you put the item in the washer.

In the future you can find men's jeans that have elastic waists. You do have to look for them and probably won't find them in discount stores. You might have to look on line. Also I don't think they are the heavy denim, but more a lighter weight denim or a twill. Sometimes people have to be willing to adapt. I have a 25 year old grandson who is 6'8" with a 34" waist and 40" inseam and he hated at first when we couldn't find the types of jeans he wanted that would fit him, and most of the time we have order his jeans directly from the Wrangler company in order to find some long enough and skinny enough. This grandson is also developmentally disabled, so sometimes it is hard for him to understand why he can't have certain styles. As it is he never has more than two pairs of jeans because with shipping they run right at $50.00 a pair.

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By Cathy Tilburt [3] 06/27/2011

Thank you for your response. I have looked into purchasing elastic waist jeans for him, but he doesn't like the way they fit him & they seem to be a lot more binding. I will have to try the velcro on some of his jeans & see how that holds up. Plus I will be able to just leave the button in place so they still look like "regular" jeans. Thank you again!

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By susan [33] 06/30/2011

For the women with the tall/slim grandson: Here are three sites you can find the jeans in his sizes for much less than $50 with free shipping on most. ... e=UTF8&qid=1309487033&sr=8-5 ... =UTF8&qid=1309487033&sr=8-15

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By susan [33] 06/30/2011

For the woman needing velcro fastening pants, here are some websites: ... ng-pants-with-velcro-brand-fasteners

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By silkywings 03/21/2012

My son is a Quadraplegic and has a hard time with zippers also. What we have done is to take the metal ring that hold keys (they can purchased at any hardware store for a quarter or so) and attach it to the zipper.

There is a small hole on the zipper pull attach the ring onto it just as you would keys. Then your husband will be able to put a finger through the ring to zip or unzip his pants. We have placed them on all of my son's jeans and shorts.

Wash or dry clean as usual the rings will not rust or cause any other problems that we have found. Thanks and I hope that this will help you and your husband.

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