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Free Wallpaper Sample Books

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Where can I find free wallpaper sample books?

Net M. from Stockton, CA



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By Roseanna01/29/2008

I have gotten them from Home Depot and also from my local paint and hardware store. And the hardware store guys were even nice enough to carry them out to the car for me.

LI Roe

By Vi Johnson [237]01/29/2008

Most wall paper stores will give you the discontinued wall paper books. Always ask for the manager and explain what you want to use them for,crafts or whatever. GG Vi

By Maggie [13]01/25/2008

I get mine from wallpaper stores, home dec stores, try anystore that sells wallpaper...some will charge a $1.00 or so each :0)

Maggie O in Bloomington, MN

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