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Water Absorbing Snakes

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My garage door leaks on one end during rain storms. Can anyone tell me how to make those water snakes that absorb water, then will dry out to be used again? What material would be used for the tube, and what would be used for filler?

Terri from PA


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By AUNT ROSE. (Guest Post)08/01/2005

I had a similar situation. I had the lower edge of the door caulk with a clear sealant. The clear sealant was applied where the metal strip meets the door. Solved my problem.

A water vacumn may be helpful.

By Gutthangoremibelt (Guest Post)07/31/2005

Hazardous waste supply places sell absorbant 'snakes'.
. If you are thinking about 'water crystals" they would take too long to absorb the water.
I would just make cloth or net bags and stuff them with old terry cloth towels for quick absorbtion and for quick drying in your dryer or hanging up to dry, without getting moldy.

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