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Stewardess Diet

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About ten years ago I had information about a Stewardess or Pilot Diet but I can't find it. Also, there was a book that was called the two day diet, can't find it either. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Maltb from Toronto, Canada



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By Eric Dexter07/09/2009

Atkins is good if you can commit to sticking with it. Also I had some success with Weight Watchers.

By cami. (Guest Post)10/14/2007

I have the diet it is as follows
Breakfast all 4 days one half of a grapefruit Black coffee/tea or water ( no soft drinks/sweet n low/ milk etc)

day one 6-8oz fish plain lettuce and tomatoe one apple
day two 6/8oz turkey plain lettuce 6 oz tomatoe juice
day three 4 oz hamburger patty plain lettuce and celery one apple
day four
2 hard boiled eggs 6 oz green beans 6oz tomatoe juice

Day one: 2 hardboiled eggs 6oz green beans 1/2grapefruit
Day Two 3/4 cup each cauliflower/zucchini 6oz green beans
unsweetened applesauce
Day three: 1/2 chicken broiler 3/4 cup stewed tomatoes, 6oz prune juice

Day Four: veal chop 6/8oz lettuce and tomatoe 6oz pineapple juice

Good luck!

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