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Making Fancy Shower Curtain Hooks


You know those pricey matching shower hooks to match the pricey shower curtain you bought? Well I finally found my "snowflake" shower curtain for Christmas. I bought matching color hooks (plastic, who cares) went to craft store and bought 12 wooden snow flake cut outs. I painted them to match. I just bought an Americana shower curtain and bought color hooks and bought wooden stars! By the way, those new glue dots work, making them non-permanent! Happy crafting.



By Jennifer 10 123 10/05/2007 Flag

Excellent tip!
Love to see them! Please submit photo

Jennifer CA

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By Angela Hunter 4 8 10/05/2007 Flag

I also would love to see a picture. Great idea, I am going to try this on some curtains for my grandsons room.
Angela from Hickory

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By Keeper 58 1,055 10/22/2007 Flag

jjager,this is what you were refering to??

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By Lee 150 02/25/2011 Flag

What a great idea Keeper. I'm going to try to find butterflies to paint to go with my butterfly shower curtain.

Thank you for sharing a very creative idea.
It's a "keeper". :-)


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By Julia 147 1,074 02/25/2011 Flag

Love your idea Keeper. Not only is it a money-saver, but I'm betting your "homemade" Shower Curtain Hooks are nicer than any I've seen for sale.

I wish I'd thought of this when we used shower curtains. Now, we have glass doors which just have to be cleaned all the time. White vinegar is doing the trick with no trouble. Just spray and leave it on.

Thank you for sharing your "Fancy" Snowflakes and Stars. I will share your idea with my granddaughters who are busy
raising babies now. They'll love your tip and enjoy doing it.


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By Keeper 58 1,055 02/25/2011 Flag

PookaRina and Lee,I posted this so long ago I almost forgot about it.
I'd love to submit a photo but my camera is not cooperating at the moment.
Thank you all for your input. :)

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