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Advice About Boy Girl Sleepover


Would you let your 10 year old daughter have a boy/girl sleepover?




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By mcw 80 1,752 11/13/2007 Flag

Never in a million years! I wouldn't mix both male and female, you'd be asking for trouble.

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By cj 4 83 11/13/2007 Flag

Not even at gunpoint.

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By lee (Guest Post) 11/13/2007 Flag

Never! A a co-ed sleepover isn't necessary or appropriate ever.

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By Julie 48 564 11/13/2007 Flag

This same question was posted by someone else a few weeks ago, go back in search for it. I think it had like 80+ post on it. You'll find most post were 12 yr olds saying yes, very few adults/parents respond and the ones who did strongly suggest NO. Being a mother of an already grown daughter I can tell for sure you will regret it so I say you definitely should not. My thought on it is this" anything that can done in fun should end when its time to go to sleep and send them all on home" because the nights over then and nothing else is left to do. And you should not lose sleep all night watching them and only problems can occur from it. The other post was a boy/girl party sleepover, I think they were ages 12-14 yrs. Even if it's not your child who would get curious, other kids there might and if they got too curious and ended up pregnant or found out too much info you would feel terrible. I see you just mean two kids of age 10 boy/girl but I think it would set a beginning problem for you down the road when they would want more demands or request for more situations like that one. But, that's just my opinion due to prior experience of motherhood.

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By Marty Dick 166 965 11/13/2007 Flag

Never! No,no, a thousand times no! Please do not let your girl have or attend one of these.

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By Mrs. D. 3 9 11/14/2007 Flag

I vote with the overwhelming "no" faction, a reallllly big NO!

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By teatimelady (Guest Post) 11/14/2007 Flag

Absolutely no way. Maybe a slumber party with just girls. I personally think that boys and girls are put into situations where they are together and there is no need for it at these tender ages. Let the kids be kids while they can. I remember having just girl slumber parties and we spent the better part of the time talking about boys and that was always fun. Good luck in your decision..deb

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By Allison 21 158 11/14/2007 Flag

NO! I wouldn't let a child of any age have a boy/girl sleepover.

I teach high school. Trust me, it is hard enough keeping things under control in a classroom sometimes. I'd hate to be the adult responsible for keeping things under control in the living room overnight.

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By Ariela 33 265 11/14/2007 Flag

absolutely NOT!

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By Dawn 6 4 11/14/2007 Flag

If my son got an invitation from your daughter for a sleepover I would ask him not to socialize with her at all. The invitation would make your whole family look morally bad.

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By Louise B. 6 2,509 11/14/2007 Flag

I don't think that a co-ed sleepover is appropriate at any age. A party for both boys and girls might be fun, but usually kids of this age prefer girls only or boys only for a birthday. It is not a matter of trust; it is a matter of what is appropriate for the age. Girls of 10 should be still playing with Barbies or maybe doing each other's hair. Boys should be wrestling or playing soccer. I am sorry if that sounds sexist, but I teach kids this age, and this is the sort of thing they are interested in.

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By MawMawto5 (Guest Post) 11/14/2007 Flag

You are setting up a path for a lot of future bad decisions. Tell your kid NO no matter how much they pout. You are the parent & they are the kid. Most parents would disapprove of you for allowing such a thing to happen. I would not want YOU to be in charge of my child or grandchild in any way. This is very irresponsible to even consider such a thing.

You would be responsible for what goes on & if something should happen you would be liable & we're talking possible jail time here. Be the parent & say no way. Let's think of something else that would be fun or it will be family time only.

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By Regina (Guest Post) 11/14/2007 Flag

My first thought was NO, because of the curiosity, at that age, and the start of girl/boy crazy thing, but ya know, if there isn't any concerns with inappropriate behaviors, and you know them well. Why not?

But of course, girls with Mom in the room, boys with Dad in another room or level in the house. Good Luck

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By Louise 7 96 11/14/2007 Flag

absolutely no way!

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By Debra In Colorado (Guest Post) 11/14/2007 Flag

Did any one notice that the response looks like it was typed by a kid? Just wondering, and I agree 100% about no sleep overs!

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By Rasta (Guest Post) 11/14/2007 Flag

Asking for trouble! No way!

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By chris m (Guest Post) 11/14/2007 Flag

Nope, no way and no thanks

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By Sariah 2 1 11/14/2007 Flag

ok i take it as a no, thanx every1

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By Mrs.C (Guest Post) 11/15/2007 Flag

I think you should do what you feel is right. Having that type of sleepover, think about it and then write down the good and the bad and make your decision. As a mother of four boys and one daughter I wouldn't have a sleepover but would have a co-ed party and the girls could stay over after. Plus the party would be full of games and actives to keep everyone very busy at all times.Even down to making some type of art project that they could make and take with them.

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By Marcie 6 219 11/15/2007 Flag

NO, asking for trouble. No sleep overs at any age, not even 30!!!!

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 11/17/2007 Flag

NO do not open yourself to troubles.
Maybe the boys can come for small party, cake
and LEAVE and girls can stay ...

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By Trina (Guest Post) 11/26/2007 Flag

No, never. I am happy to see that everyone has said no. Boys should never be in a girls bedroom, (or visa-versa) even during the day. There just isn't any reason for it.

Also, beware, if your child wants to stay over at a friend's house and they have a opposite gender sibling around the same age. That could be asking for trouble too.

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By Tanya (Guest Post) 11/29/2007 Flag

Of course not - You'd have to be crazy.

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By Andrea Francke (Guest Post) 11/30/2007 Flag

Absolutely not! They're ten years old boys and girls who are becoming very aware their of differences and very curious about the opposite sex. While I"m sure you plan to supervise their every move, do you really want to set a precedent that this is acceptable? Would you want to host a boy-girl sleepover with high-schoolers? I do not think this is a good idea. A boy-girl party would suffice.

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By (Guest Post) 12/04/2007 Flag

I disagree with the majority. I believe that we, as a society, take something as innocent as a sleepover at a friends house and make it dirty and nasty. For the most part I bet your children don't even look at boys in any other way then a fun kid to be around. I am surprised at the number of people who drill into the minds of the young that boys and girls can't be friends, how close minded and old fashioned. My daugter is 10 years old and I know will one day take an interest in boys beyound the innocent playmate she sees them as now and when that time comes then different rules will come into play. But if we as paretns believe in our parenting and our ability to teach our child morals and values then why is this such an issue? I have spoken to my daughter about how I see it verses how the rest of the world sees it and I am happy to say that she is not only comfortable but confident about who she is and the friends she keeps. She will not allow society to convince her that because we have different body parts we should not really be friends.
A very proud mum.

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By anonymos (Guest Post) 12/08/2007 Flag

I would if I knew the parents really well because my 11 year old daughter is having a sleep over with a 10 year old boy tonight and I feel nothing against it as long as they sleep on different couches.

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By claire (Guest Post) 12/13/2007 Flag

I think a boy girl sleepover will be great (as long as people behave.) Think of ALL the fun you would have, besides when your friends come to sleepover and you have a sibling of a different gender it is basically the same!

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By (Guest Post) 12/22/2007 Flag

Kids are entering puberty a lot earlier than they used to, so my answer is no. Girls are acting a lot older than they really are these days and although they might not know what they are doing, a few of those girls will probably be tempted to copy something they've seen their older sister or some girl on t.v. do.
Why not just have a party for both sexes, and at night, send the boys home?

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By Breana (Guest Post) 02/04/2008 Flag

of course! why not? if you hold your daughter back from boys, she's just gonna want more! at least give her a glimpse of what it's like to sleep in the same room as a boy. if she doesn't enjoy it, then don't worry. if she does, well, you know it's not possible for it to happen again. if you were her age, what would you want?

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By KYSHEA (Guest Post) 02/15/2008 Flag

hi my names kyshea and i am 9 turning 10 and these are some tips on what you can do for your b'day,
put decorations up to make the place look prety.
#have a pillow fight
#scare your friend in the dark
#go in the pool at night
i always sleep in the tent and see who can stay in the longest with out getting scared.
you might be able to have a fashion show
you could play australian idol
you could evern do a ;pphoto shoot
its realy you choice, my choise would behave a pillow fight in the dark.

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By minimouse (Guest Post) 03/16/2008 Flag

IT's FINE! If the child is under 13 and you know the boys that will be staying then it's ok! Stop stressing!

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By LuvMyGingerKids 46 316 03/16/2008 Flag


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01/08/2009 Flag

No. No and No. Boys do boy things and girls do girl things. Do the boys want to come over and do each others hair and paint nails. I don't think so. Do the girls want to spend the night playing video games shotting things? I don't think so. Not a good idea.

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