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Freezing Deli Meats

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Can you freeze deli meats like bologna, ham, roast beef and sliced cheese? Thanks.

By Pamela


Recent Answers

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By Elaine S. [39]07/01/2011

Freezing cheese cuts down on the flavor slightly but I still do it.

By Marsha [2]06/30/2011

ya you can I do it and when you want to use one just take it out the day before and let it thaw and you can use it the next day!

By Lilac [18]06/30/2011

Yes and most cheese freezes beautifully. I buy a two pound loaf of sliced sheese and freeze it in two inch stacks. The important thing to remember about lunch meat is to freeze it in packs no larger than you can eat in a few days.

By booklvr06/30/2011

I do. The cheese gets more fragile, crumbles more easily after freezing. The meat tastes about the same. Just bag it well to keep the air out.

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