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Holes in Cabinet Doors

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My kitchen cabinets have holes around the cabinet pulls. How can I repair them or hide them?

By Susan


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By Myrna [15]10/22/2010

You can buy a container of wood filler, but it will still show up where the hole has been unless you plan on painting the cabinet doors/drawers.


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Archive: Holes in Cabinet Doors

The previous owner of my home did a DIY on the kitchen white melamine cabinet doors. He drilled the knob holes upside down, then turn the door right side up leaving two holes on the bottom of the door. How can I repair this?

Hiliter from N Lauderdale, FL

RE: Holes in Cabinet Doors

This is only a guess on my part, but maybe you could fill the holes with colored caulk, plaster, or putty. You could get creative and add some decoration to the doors, like stenciling, and work the holes into the design by filling them with putty and stenciling over them. I hope this helps.

Tina (01/29/2007)

By trbrown22

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