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A Good Tree for a Wedding Gift

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Picture of A Maple Tree in Fall

Picture of A Maple Tree in Fall


My brother is getting married soon and him and his soon to be wife just bought there first house too and what I was wondering is for part of their gift we were thinking of buying them a tree to plant in there yard kind of symbolizing Love, Life and a new beginning do you think this is a good idea and if so what type of tree do you think would be good? I wanna do a poem with it too you know that kinda goes with the symbolizing and everything. Let me know what you think!

Mandi from Erie


Mandi, What a great idea! I can't think of a better gift. Planting trees is so wonderful because you are truly planting a legacy! Our family always does this for births and deaths, but I have never considered doing it for someone's wedding. Just like flowers express different meanings, there are several great books floating around that contain the spiritual significance of various trees.

Here are a few Celtic meanings for various trees that I found on the web. Don't stop here, though, there are many sources:

  • Apple: associated with healing, love, prosperity, innocence and perpetual youth.
  • Apricot: Love
  • Beech: Stability
  • Birch: Protection, purification and new beginnings
  • Cedar: Prosperity and longevity
  • Dogwood: Charm and finesse
  • Elm: Protection
  • Fig: Fertility
  • Maple: Divination and love
  • Mulberry: Knowledge
  • Oak: Strength and Money
  • Olive: Peace
  • Orange: Love and Marriage
  • Peach: Love
  • Pine: Fertility and Prosperity

More importantly than giving a tree based on a mythical meaning, make sure you choose one that is suitable to the new couple's landscape and hardiness zone. Maybe there is a specific type of tree than holds special significance to them. Personally, I love apples trees. They give the gift of flowers in the spring and the gift of food in the fall. Plus, they look great in the landscape all year long. A book filled with family "apple" recipes would also make a nice shower gift. And don't forget to top off this gift with a sturdy apple peeler.

Good luck!


About The Author: Ellen Brown is our Green Living and Gardening Expert. Click here to ask Ellen a question! Ellen Brown is an environmental writer and photographer and the owner of Sustainable Media, an environmental media company that specializes in helping businesses and organizations promote eco-friendly products and services. Contact her on the web at


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By Vernic12/12/2010

I would check with Apparently they have fruit trees from every country!

By Jill [2]07/05/2006

I would buy them a gift certificate at your favorite nursery,for them to buy the type of tree they want. Since it is a gift that will live with them many years, hopefully. It is important they love it and have the happy feelings of love and joy you want it to symbolize. Plus if the nursery plants the tree it has a guarantee not to die for a year, or they replace it for free . :>) Lovely idea.Jill

By Carol in PA (Guest Post)06/23/2006

I suggest a wheeping cherry tree for this purpose. Another tree that is very beautiful is the flowering dogwood.

I also like the poem named, Trees.

By Angi G (Guest Post)06/22/2006

I suggest a dwarf fruit tree if they are to live in a neighborhood of some sort. Preferably an apple tree or cherry. They are two of the easiest to deal with. If they are going to live in a rural area such as I do... I suggest a healthy sturdy oak tree. Because I always wish that the newly married or to be married couple will have a marriage as strong and sturdy and long lasting as an oak tree. And like my marriage. I have always compared it to an oak tree. I also like the red bud idea, however.. they aren't as strong as other trees.

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)06/22/2006

a cherry tree would be my choice. you could work the idea into your poem that along with the sweetness of the blossoms (good times) and the tartness of the cherries (obviously not so good times) there is still growth and nourishment. good luck carla in missouri

By Cindy Kosloski [1]06/22/2006

What a great idea,
I agree with a fruit tree if they like to can,
But you need to know what kind of fruit they would like

By brenda thompson [1]06/21/2006

I think a fruit tree would be the best choice, it will be rewarding and bring the property value up.

By Connie A. (Guest Post)06/21/2006

My favorite "Tree" poem has always been:

Joyce Kilmer
( How true only God can make a tree & a marriage)

This is a beautiful poem that will go with any tree that you chose. Just type in "Poem on Trees" in Google and you should get a copy of it. It wouldn't let me copy & paste for you. I agree that a Redbud or Dogwood are great gifts. You might also ask a nurseryman what they might reccommend since they have such a large selection to chose from. Best wishes to your brother & his future bride.
P.S. I would NOT reccommend a Bradford Pear, although beautiful in the Spring and Fall, the limbs are very weak and any heavy snow or high winds breaks large branches out of them often.

By sandy63 (Guest Post)06/21/2006

what about a dogwood. they bloom in the spring and are very pretty.

By Sandy Gerber [22]06/21/2006

A redbud tree has heart- shaped leaves and beautiful flowers in the spring.

By Kelly [15]06/20/2006

Oh, an apple or plum tree if they have the yard space....fruit symbolizes fertility and abundance, and they could enjoy it for years to come! Maybe you'll get pies or jam too ;)

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