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Vomit on a Leather Couch

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Cleaning a Leather Couch

Leather couches have their own challenges for cleaning, but vomit, with it's high acid content and lingering smell poses it's own unique problem. This guide is about vomit on a leather couch.



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Question: Vomit on a Leather Couch

I am looking for advice to get the smell of vomit out of a leather couch? My 20 month old was sick on our leather couch and I have washed it with different cleaners but I can still smell it when I go to sit down. It's not a nice smell. I am a little embarassed to have anyone come over in fear they smell it. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Susan from Ontario, Canada


Most Recent Answer

By Beth03/01/2009

I was desperate to remove vomit odor from my sick 11 year old bulldog. I tried everything with no luck. Finally, I tried mellielou's method and the sofa smells so much better. I've only done the first saddle soap/baking soda application, and am excited to smell the results after I apply the paste in a few days. Thanks mellielou!

Question: Cleaning Dog Vomit on Leather Couch

The dog vomited liquid which has left terrible stains on an expensive leather couch. What to do?

By Larry K. from New York City

Question: Removing Vomit Odors from a Leather Couch

My husband cleaned the leather couch with a bleach water solution after our son threw up. It now smells like wet dog. What do I do?

By Angie from TN

Solutions: Vomit on a Leather Couch

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