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Discouraging Barn Swallows from Nesting on the Porch

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Can anyone help in the removal of barn swallow nests? For years now we have had nests built by barn swallows attached to our house on the front porch. Every year I remove them by scraping them off the brick and washing with bleach, but the very next season, here they are again, nest rebuilt and the eggs laid and hatched.

We are left with being attacked by the birds (like in the movie). Does anyone know a way to remove the nest permanently?


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By mrs joe [1]08/04/2010

Go to the dollar store, in the wrapping paper area, you will find shiny, mylar type of gift wrap. get a package. take it home, open it up . Fold 1 edge down, over and over it self. Get some strong tape handy. Take a scissors and cut the unfolded part into a fringe. Mine are 1/2 sheets or even 1/4 sheets folded down. Fringe is maybe 1/4 inch wide about as long as my fingers. Put a strip of tape across the folded part, make sure tape extends beyond the shiny stuff. Tape this above your windows, on the light fixtures, where ever they want to nest. the fringe with move it the lightest of breeze and frighten them away. When I moved into this place, 5 years ago, there were huge nests from the birds. I knocked them all down, before there were eggs in them, hung up the fringe. No nests at all in 5 years, the stuff has faded, lost some fringe, but it still works. Let us know your results.

By MARY08/04/2010

I had this problem for years until I got tired of cleaning up their mess in front of my door. I tried putting things over the door. Nothing worked. Hate to say this but, when they came back the following year, I knocked their nest as soon as they started building it. They didn't give up easily, but they eventually found another place. I was OK with it as long as it was not over my door.

By PC McBride [1]08/04/2010

The best way to discourage them is to give them another place for their eggs. You can put a nest box under the eaves on the back side of your garage or another outbuilding.

If that isn't an option, mark where they are nesting and put something else in its place. Like a fake birdhouse, or some kind of sculpture that they cannot knock down.

Good luck.

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