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Make Your Own Cleaning Cloths


Who needs paper towels? This is a truly frugal idea I had several years ago. Do you have old t-shirts waiting for Goodwill sitting around? Cut them horizontally from the bottom of one sleeve to the other, basically harvesting the flat cloth beneath the sleeves. Then cut them down each side on the seam. You will have two larger cloths that you can either hem or not hem. I use these for spills, cleaning, dish washing - whatever! I no longer pay high prices for paper towels.

By Diane B from Saint Joseph, MI


By Gailya Illsley 7 47 08/17/2009 Flag

This is a great idea. I'm 70 years old and have been doing this since I was in my 20s. You don't have to hem t-shirt or sweatshirt fabric. It doesn't ravel.

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By Judy 4 21 08/17/2009 Flag

I have made cleaning cloths from old flannel nightgowns and flannel sheets. I have a rag bag in a closet and use
the rags constantly.

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By Florence 1 2 08/17/2009 Flag

I also make my own dishcloths and cleaning cloths. I crochet them and its not that expensive. I use scrap yarn, and I can reuse them. You can really save if you find bargains on yarn at yard sales.

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Archive: Make Your Own Cleaning Cloths

I've purchase a Rubbermaid plastic container with a flip top lid. It's about 10x10 inches. I then cut up some cleaned (but older) burp cloths from when my son was a baby into quarters and put them in the container. Then I poured my favorite all purpose household cleaner into the container.

I make sure all the cloths are saturated. I keep this container handy with me when I am cleaning around my house. I can clean my kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor furniture, toys, tons of things with the cloths. Then, I can throw them in the washer and reuse them! No more expensive wipes that you use once and throw in the garbage!

By Tara


RE: Make Your Own Cleaning Cloths

I just tried out your tip and I use it for the swiffer. Instead of buying the wet cloths, I use these. Works great! I got some thin facecloths and cheap cleaner from the dollar store and stored them in a container. I'll be saving tons! Thanks! (03/08/2005)

By emain