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My daughter is being bitten by unknown bugs!

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Help - my 3 yo daughter keeps getting bitten, in the house, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day, by unseen, unknown bugs! They are very red, and INCREDIBLY itchy. She is miserable, and as she itches, the bites becomes huge lumps and welts, and even sometimes have a red ring around them. She will get 8 to 10 at a time. First, how do I help her itching, and secondly, how do I get rid of any bugs in the house? What can I use that is a natural product? We are very conscious of chemicals and pesticides and don't want the effects of those around our daughter either!
Any help would be very much appreciated!!!
Beth :)

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By don314904/07/2012

I have been fighting the same type of bites. I thought at first it might be bed bugs but had my house checked and it was not. Know I think it was some type of mites or scabies...So I started researching just like everyone else. I came across (Tea Tree Oil).

I am very skeptical about everything I do not know about, but since the bites kept coming and I did not want or have the money to go see the doctor, I tried it. It's not too expensive and it works! I read a post were someone said to take a bath and put about 20 drops in the bath and bath for 20 minutes or so.

I did this the first time. It was good, but not strong enough for me. I did some more research and read that Tea Tree Oil is one of the only 100% concentrated oils that is safe to apply directly. Now I do not recommend it for all as it is strong and you will feel a slight burning sensation, but wow. So what I do is shower and scrub with soap. Then rinse and fill the tub half way or so. Put in 40 drops or so or just apply directly (100%) to my bites. I usually do not even rinse again as the oil acts as a repellant after it dries.

It has been two weeks, no new bits and the old bites are all healing. You will see that Tea Tree oil treats many things besides killing mites. Acne, fungal stuff, etc. I highly recommend it. I am not a doctor and am not claiming to be. I just want to share my success as those of us that have had these horrible experiences know just how bad life can get.

There are other size bottles available, but I have used thee one ounce bottles already, so four ounces seems to be the way to go.

Take care and give it a try you will not be disappointed!

By Peaches01/12/2011

I am also experiencing this!? What the heck is it? Does any one know?


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Archive: My daughter is being bitten by unknown bugs!

Help, my 3 year old daughter keeps getting bitten, in the house, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day, by unseen, unknown bugs! They are very red, and incredibly itchy.


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