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I'm getting married in December. I have a really low budget because I don't want to spend thousands of dollars for one day. I need to find somewhere cheap but elegant for my day.

Cynthia from Phoenix, AZ



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By bailegirl (Guest Post) 02/15/2008

I had a beautiful wedding on a very limited budget. My dress came from JC Penny's wedding catalog for less than$300, with a gorgeous heart shaped train and everything, and $50 for the veil. It made me feel like a princess!

We got married in my parents back yard. We used runners, and rented chairs from the local funeral home. We rented an arch and decorated with inexpensive flowers, including my mom's Boston Ferns sitting to each side of the archway. We had the reception on my parents deck, and my aunts made all of the food. We bought the cake at a local bakery supply store, they baked the layers and we purchased the pillars and things, and my Mom assembled it at home.

Instead of tuxs, my husband and his groomsmen all just wore matching suits. There are lots of ways to cut costs on your wedding and reception and make it your own. Check out the library, as there are lots of books available on the subject. Best wishes! Hope it turns out to be your dream day!

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By Linda (Guest Post) 02/25/2008

Talk to people you know who have beautiful spaces, and tell them you're looking for a beautiful and inexpensive place for your wedding. I did that quite by accident, never dreaming I would be offered the use of my hairdresser's upscale shop - he said "Oh, we do all our parties right here" and showed me how they had made covers for the sinks and chairs so you couldn't tell it was a hairdressing salon. They had a kitchen and the shop was built on a pier at a marina overlooking the water, right next to one of Seattle's finest restaurants. The reception photos look as if we had the reception on a yacht! So talk it up to everyone you know - you never know what might turn up.

Someone else I know had their wedding in a city park - all they had to do was get an inexpensive permit and use a secluded spot so the general public would be less apt to wander through. Many city parks or historic sites have some kind of interesting building that could accommodate a reception. Look at your community with new eyes, and think of spaces where you personally go just to feel good.

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By Kazzi (Guest Post) 03/09/2008

I'd suggest looking at schools or community halls. My mother got married at a botanical garden (in summer) and had her reception in my school's cafetaria. Also, research ideas online - there's a lot a good advice out there. All the best.

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By Sophi Beym formerly of Tempe, AZ (Guest Post) 05/13/2008


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