Itching and Bumps on My Lips


I have fine bumps on my lips and continuous itching. What is the cause of it?

By Viv


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By Joan 13 1,482 03/08/2011

Instead of asking for medical advice here, maybe you should consult your doctor.

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By Mary Gilgen 3 9 03/08/2011

A medical opinion really is the best option, but for cold sores and such, my neighbor gave me the best remedy and what worked for her, and that was taking L-Lysine pills which can be purchased in your drug store over the counter. I'm not sure what made them work for us, but no more cold sores for me! It's great to find such a simple solution sometimes! Good luck to you! crazymissmary :)

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By Lee Taylor 15 426 03/10/2011

Sounds like an allergic reaction to something. I get that when I eat mangoes

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By SANDI 2 101 03/12/2011

I would say visit your doctor if it's been this long. Good luck to you.

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Archive: Itching and Bumps on My Lips

I am not sure whether I am allergic to something or if its something else. For several weeks I have been having trouble with my lips.


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