Sewing a Bra Into a Wedding Dress


I am looking for instructions about how to sew in a bra into a formal (wedding) dress. My daughter's seamstress has told her she needs to wear a bra, but adhesive bras irritate her skin and we have not been able to find a non-adhesive bra that stays concealed. The dress has a back that dips low.

Amy from Lafayette, IN


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By SL Edens 1 395 03/22/2006

You might want to look at this site....hope it helps. http://www.knotthegroom.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1277

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By Mazie 7 03/22/2006

You can also buy bras that have a clear back strap that allows you to wear a low cut dress/shirt without being able to tell that the bra is there, they usually come with clear straps too if that is an issue or you can get one that is strapless too. Just a suggestion.

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By Susan M. 7 77 03/22/2006

This latest issue (April/May) of Threads magazine (it's my favorite sewing mag) has a wonderful article about just the very thing you desire. Here's the link. http://www.taunton.com/threads/pages/th_124_044.asp
Look for it on newsstands or you can order it from them. Good luck!
Susan from Omaha

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By Chris Ellyson 2 82 03/22/2006

Google is your FRIEND !!

The 1st hit for "sew bra into gown" was this :


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By Rebekah 1 117 03/22/2006

Just a note about using one with the clear back strap. If that does show out of the back of her dress, it will show in pictures and when light hits it.

Just an FYI!

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By Laura (Guest Post) 03/27/2006

Your seamstress should be able to find a bra insert to put into the dress. I did this for a bridesmaid, and it worked out fine, making it so she didn't have to wear a bra. But, it sounds like the seamstress is not going to do this for her? Very simple, but you do need to put it inside the dress, under the lining. too bad you don't live in NH...

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