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Decorating Clothing with Ribbon

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Decorating Clothing with Ribbon

You can easily enhance the look of a rather plain piece of clothing by adding some ribbon or trim. This is a guide about decorating clothing with ribbon.


Solutions: Decorating Clothing with Ribbon

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Tip: Enhance Clothing with Trim

Add trim, bric-a-brac, or embroidered ribbon to clothing. A plain blouse can be made to look like a designer classic with a little imagination. Many articles of clothing can be saved by sewing decorative bric-a-brac over small holes or stains. Use Thread the color of the bric-a-brac or ribbon.

Approximate Time 15 - 30 minutes for most projects


  • straight pins
  • needle
  • thread
  • bric-a-brac


Determine how wide the area is if you are using this method to hide a stain or repair. Make sure what you buy will cover and overlap by at least a little. Pin into place and baste by hand or machine with matching thread. Try on clothing to be sure it lays correctly, and make any necessary adjustments. Sew to clothing using thread that matches the addition.

By U*u*U from TX

Decorating Clothing with Ribbon

Faux ribbon lacing on tank top.Here's a quick, cheap and easy way to jazz up some underwear or add a touch of class to a top.


  • needle
  • thread
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • nail varnish
  • clothing to decorate


  1. Lay out the ribbon in a criss-cross pattern across the garment, as in the photo.
  2. At each corner, attach the ribbon to the fabric with small stitches, and tie the thread off neatly and strongly at the back.
  3. Tie the tails at the bottom into a bow and sew into place./li>

  4. Cut both ends of ribbon diagonally to a pleasing length and prevent fraying by dabbing a little clear nail varnish onto them. You could fashion small bows out of ribbon and sew them onto other places as well.

By Beth from England

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