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75th Birthday Party Ideas


I am planning to celebrate my mom's 75 birthday and I need ideas.

By Brunilda from Worcester, MA


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By shellyfrompa 5 08/28/2010 Flag

Send all the people an invitation to do a card shower and inundate her with cards, have old friends family write or email some cute stories they have about her and make a scrap book or dvd.

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By Chuck 22 183 08/30/2010 Flag

Brunilda: I'm just a month and a bit more than 75. Tell your Mom I'm a secret admirer of hers.

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Archive: 75th Birthday Party Ideas

I have been nominated to have a birthday party for my father-in-law who will be 75 years old on May 6th of this year. It is also my in-laws anniversary date as well, they will be married for 51 years.

We had a 50th anniversary party for them last year. But with this milestone of his age and he isn't in the best of health anyways (recovering from prostate and colon cancer). We are going to have the party at our local church and we have the menu planned, as well as the guest list.

I need ideas for something to honor him. We did a DVD presentation to them for their anniversary party. So we wanted to do something a little different this time. But we also don't want to leave out my mother-in-law since it is her anniversary as well.

There will be about 30-35 people there, close family and friends. I only have a week to pull this off and I am desperate for any decorating ideas and any way to honor him. He is a retired magistrate of 22 years, a retired farmer, and does not party at all. He is a big joker, however. My mother-in-law is a very quiet person who never says a lot, because she doesn't get much of a chance with my father-in-law doing all the talking. She is very petite and fragile and so kind and loving.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

Donna from KY


RE: 75th Birthday Ideas

You could make a timeline of their lives together, honoring both his birthday and their anniversary. Get a big piece of butcher paper and start with his birthday at one end and move forward to his first day of school, graduation from high school, first job, etc. Attach pictures, letters, cards, or other symbols of important events along the way. For example, you could find their wedding announcement and attach that near the date of the wedding, or the birth announcements of their children. Be sure to leave space at the end of the butcher paper to add more happy years. Then hang it on the wall of the church hall. This timeline will give him a starting place for his stories, but will make space for stories about the wife as well and the guests will enjoy learning about their lives. (04/28/2005)

RE: 75th Birthday Ideas

Pass around a blank Journal book and have each guest write a funny or interesting memory of himself and the guests of honor. They can then read this in the future and relive all the good stories. (04/28/2005)

By Beverly in TN

RE: 75th Birthday Ideas

Have each family member and guest put an item in a box that represents something special about your dad. For example, a fishing pole. Whoever put this in would take their turn getting up and telling a memorable story about why this memory shared with your dad is so important. Its OK to have double items because the stories will be different. Someone can record the stories for your dad to keep. It will be an original and unique gift. It will also show how special your dad is to so many people. (05/14/2005)

By Kim A.

RE: 75th Birthday Ideas

Here are just a few suggestions that we are using at my father's party in August. Dad has a lot of grandchildren, so one way we thought to include them is to do a Bill Cosby type show of our own. With someone running a video camera we will have chairs set up and the kids will be asked different questions. We will ask them what was the funniest thing they ever saw Grandpa do or say, and fill in the blank questions such as "My favorite thing about Grandpa is..." I also found a whole bunch of "old sayings" that we grew up hearing my parents and grandparents say and we are going to have the kids finish the saying in their own words. Such as "Let sleeping dogs____". "Don't throw the baby out with the ____". "A bird in the hand is___". You get the idea.

We are also taking quilting blocks and fabric pens, so people can write their names and a little message. This is going to be made into a small lap quilt. Don't forget a guest book (home made is best) with plenty of room for messages and pictures or drawings from the kids. Let your knowledge of your loved ones guide you and believe me the ideas will flow. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make wonderful memories. I bet both of them will tell you that.

By Sherry

Archive: 75th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm starting my planning early for my mother's 75th birthday party in May, 2013. I'm having a time deciding what to do. My daughter suggested whatever theme we go with, we ought to use her birthstone color which is emerald.

My sisters and I thought of a masquerade of some sort. We don't want it to be formal, but we don't want it to be jeans and a tee either. The party definitely has to be fun, lively, silly (almost), yet unique. Any ideas?

By mtonemah from Oklahoma City, OK


RE: 75th Birthday Party Ideas

My neighbor (who turned 80 in January) was treated to a surprise luncheon at a local restaurant. The highlight of the event was the movie of her young life as a mother through to becoming a great-grandmother. There was not a dry eye in the house and she said she has watched it many times, laughing and crying the whole time.
<p.If you have someone who can pull this together from old movies, photos, etc. and have each child narrate throughout the video, it will be a priceless gift for her. (05/23/2009)

By Sandee1

RE: 75th Birthday Party Ideas

The theme could be all about what life was like 75 years ago when she was born. Get some poster board and be creative with putting how much things were, what the styles were, the music, things that were happening. Include as many pictures of her that you can from over the years (when she was 5 years old a loaf of bread cost x $$ and and this singer sung). Serve foods and treats that would have been popular in her generation. Play music at the party from that era. (05/23/2009)

By SusLuvsVintage

Archive: 75th Birthday Party Ideas

My Dad's 75th birthday is coming up, what I was thinking of was having a surprise party with his friends, and then have another party with just family. We have a large family, any ideas?

Archive: 75th Birthday Party Ideas

I am looking for ideas on throwing a 75th birthday party for mom.

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