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Send Halloween Candy to the Troops

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Too much candy left from Halloween? My kids came up with an idea to swap their favorites with each other. They keep half and we send the other half to our troops. We have a niece in boot camp and our school sends shoe boxes overseas. They save all the hard candy that won't melt and donate to a worthy cause. It's a great lesson in sharing and compassion.

By Wendy S from Coopersburg, PA



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By Anne Miles [3]11/07/2008

the post office has flat rate priority boxes for mailing packages to our military. When you use the APO/FPO address and the flat rate box you get a $2 discount. These are a $$ saver with the holidays and sending baked goods. A package that weighed over 23 lbs only cost me $10.95. normal cost would have been over $50.

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