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Use Kitty Litter Tubs as Garden Planters


This is for fellow cat owners or anyone who knows a cat owner. If you purchase kitty litter in the plastic tubs with wire handles, do not throw away the tubs - use them as flower pots.

Here's how: Drill drainage holes around the sides of the tubs, near the bottom. Paint the tub your favorite color to hide the manufacturer's logo. I painted mine a light green, it took three coats of paint. Add enough gravel or whatever you want to use to facilitate water draining out of the tub. Fill with your favorite potting mix and plant your herbs or small vegetables.

I use mine for herbs or pepper plants. Work great. Why go out and buy planters when you have the tubs? Not only is this economical but I keep at least some of the plastic tubs out of the landfill. Happy gardening and cooking.

By Jack from Peoria, IL



By Lynda Tracy 2 29 06/01/2010 Flag

I have been doing this for a couple of years. Yes, the kitty litter buckets work great as planters! I have grown tomatoes in them successfully and this year am trying pole beans and snow peas too. Also, when the local landfill site is giving away free compost and free wood chip mulch, I can fill the trunk of my car with kitty litter buckets and bring home a trunkload with minimum mess, that is easy to carry out of the car!

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By Margaret C. 1 06/26/2013 Flag

What a great idea. I have been saving our buckets to store items in the garage & sheds now I can put them to better use. Thanks!

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