Repairing Thermal Backing on Curtains


I have washed thermal lined curtains and found powder in between the curtain and thermal lining material, as well as damage on the coating. I shouldn't have used the spin cycle, maybe. As I react to the dust, I don't want bring these curtains inside. Should I cut the lining off and replace it with other fabric? I want to know if the coating is safe for us, too. Please help me.

By mhoney from New Zealand


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By Joan 13 1,482 04/02/2011

How old are the curtains? I have had that type of curtain and used them for at least 20 years and never had that problem. They were white and never had to be washed very often. Occasionally I would take them down and put one panel at a time in the dryer with a damp washcloth and a fabric softener sheet. I would only leave them in the dryer just a few minutes, maybe no more than 10 minutes.

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By mhoney 1 1 04/02/2011

Thank you for the feedback, redhatterb. I just bought these curtain through Trade me, but they were so smelly with mildew or mold and I decided to wash them with gentle machine wash.

Yesterday, I decided to remove the back lining material from the curtain and will make removable lining by using sheets (that's from the member's idea). In that way, I can wash without worry.

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Archive: Repairing Rubber Backed Curtains

Recently I had some acrylic (rubber) backed curtains dry-cleaned and the backing broke down so that light shines through in various patches. Is there anyway they can be rescued? A separate backing was attached at a cost, but the light still shines through. Pat from Brisbane

RE: Repairing Rubber Backed Curtains

Just a thought, don't know if it will work. What if you put a dollop of rubber cement (packaged in jar with a brush) on the back of the curtain where the light shines through, it's similar to the rubber backing...might work. But you've already paid to have a second (fabric?) backing added so it gets a little tricky now, you don't want to ruin that also. (08/15/2005)

By kidsNclutter

Archive: Repairing Thermal Backing on Curtains

I have thermal backed curtains which have been damaged by washing. Can the thermal backing be repaired, hopefully with a spray-on or brush-on product?

Julie from Qld, Australia

RE: Repairing Thermal Backing on Curtains

Thanks Kidsnclutter for your suggestion. A friend suggested similar, and I have actually managed to repair it quite well using bathroom silicone. The surface, however, was shinier than the surrounding areas, so I dusted the wet silicone with talcum powder. Not a bad job if I say so myself. (01/02/2008)

By mums198

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