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Websites Like Lakeside Collection

Websites Like Lakeside Collection

You can shop online for inexpensive things you want. This guide is about websites like Lakeside Collection.



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Question: Other Websites Like Lakeside Collection

What are other websites that sell items cheap (like Lakeside Collection or Collections LTD.)?

By Gina

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By Debbie Stewart 6 69 03/23/2011 Flag

I buy from ABC a lot. They have lots of neat stuff.

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Archive: Other Websites Like Lakeside Collection

What are other websites like Lakeside Collection?

By Danny from Chicago, IL


RE: Other Websites Like Lakeside Collection

There' and (12/11/2010)

By keeper60

RE: Other Websites Like Lakeside Collection

LTD Commodities, however, the last I knew in order to place an order with them you have to have a business name. A person could make up a name. They have the same merchandise as Lakeside Collections. There is another one called ABC, I can't remember the rest of the name, but they are also almost identical to the other two. If you are looking for places where you can place an order and pay later, there is also Fingerhut. Google using whatever type of term that you are looking for. (12/11/2010)

By redhatterb

RE: Other Websites Like Lakeside Collection

LTDCommodities and ABCCommodities are the same company. I frequently order from LTD. Yes you make up a business name and use your address and phone. You pay after getting the items ordered. (12/13/2010)

By knitter926

RE: Other Websites Like Lakeside Collection

Dream Products has a lot of similar items; also Collections Etc., Miles Kimball, Walter Drake, and Carol Wright. Check coupon sites like CouponCabin for discounts, free shipping, and other offers for these catalogs. If you like an offer you see on CouponCabin, you click the link on their website that takes you to the catalog's website, and the offer is automatically applied. Sometimes you can save 30-40% on an order. Free shipping is also good because shipping charges are getting insane. (12/13/2010)

By Pixiedust7