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Uses for Hand Lotion

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For what can I use old, thin hand lotion?

Cindy from Reading, PA



Recent Answers

Here are the recent answer to this question.

By Brock (Guest Post)05/25/2008

Washing should get all the lotion out of your hair except for maybe whatever moisturizing chemicals get absorbed into your hair. I have only used it a few times but ever time i have its worked wonders to keep my hair calm.

By Thurab Swaheesh (Guest Post)07/04/2007

I also use it in my hair. It is very easy to use. I have short hair so I just blob it out and then apply it. I use the Lundthan cream but I don't know many people who use it. Try it out! It's also great on my hands obviously.

By susan [5]06/10/2007

I read that you can mix vaseline in to thicken it up again, but have never tried it.

By (Guest Post)04/25/2007

You can use it as leather balm!

By melody_yesterday [213]04/25/2007

mix some older lotion into "tan in a tube" it makes it go on more evenly with less streaks.

I have had lotion get so thin it ran out of the tube because I left it in the hot car --
try putting the "too thin lotion" into a mister bottle to spray on

i have bought spray on lotions before & they are alot more expensive than regular !

By Beth [25]04/25/2007

I've put water in almost empty bottles to get every last bit and used it at the end of a shower as a moisturizer. Pat dry.


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Archive: Uses for Hand Lotion

This may sound like a crazy question but, I have a bunch of hand lotion and I was wondering if there uses for it other than the obvious use for it. Is there any other cleaning or conditioning uses for hand lotion?

Cookiepom from Owensboro, KY

RE: Uses for Hand Lotion

I have a friend who uses it as shaving lotion. Small amounts can reduce static cling on a skirt or even hair frizzies. I would also be curious about other hints. (11/30/2005)

By Lee

RE: Uses for Hand Lotion

Take a small amount of hand lotion and mix with about a teaspoon of sugar. It has a mild exfoliating effect that you can use on your face or hands. Gently scrub, then just rinse off. If you use it on your face, make sure that your skin is already wet. It's a lot cheaper than the premade formulas to soften hands or facial products, and it works just as well. (11/30/2005)

By wendiesioux

RE: Uses for Hand Lotion

You can also donate it to a nursing home. i know they would love it. Also, a school could probably use it. We wash our hands all day long and hands get very dry. (11/30/2005)

By Sandy

RE: Uses for Hand Lotion

How do you use for hair frizzies, do you have to water it down and put in spray bottle? Curious, I also have a lot of lotions, and frizzy hair. (12/01/2005)

By jmz2005

RE: Uses for Hand Lotion

I use extra hand cream on my feet, it makes them easier to work with when you give yourself a pedicure, and I find foot cream is only needed when you have a problem. (12/17/2005)

By Traylor

RE: Uses for Hand Lotion

I use it in my hair. I don't water it down. I just put some on my hands and rub it in slightly and then run my hands thru the bottom of my hair. My hair is very long and the ends tend to be dry. I find that it helps a bunch. (01/18/2007)

By Kinch

RE: Uses for Hand Lotion

I like your idea but doesn't it build up in your hair? (01/19/2007)

By imaqt1962

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