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Using Hand and Body Lotion

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If you use hand and body lotion you may be looking for tips on using it more effectively. This is a guide about using hand and body lotion.


Solutions: Using Hand and Body Lotion

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Tip: Applying Lotion To Your Back

I found the perfect way to put lotion on my back all by myself. I may be a grandma but I get a brain storm now and then. Use a wooden spoon with a really long handle. Put about four squirts of lotion on the backside of the spoon and smear it around a bit. It keeps the lotion from falling on the floor. Repeat for the bottom part of your back. Keep this spoon separate in a bathroom drawer (or keep by your lotions).

By Jennifer from Cincinnati, OH

Tip: Use Any Body Lotion in Shower

I recently got a sample in the mail for Nivea in-shower body lotion. I loved it so I went to purchase some but was more than I wanted to spend. I was taking a bath the same night and looked over on the shelf next to tub and saw a bottle of hand and body lotion. You know the kind, we all have tons of it from store (buy 3 get 3). Well, I just put some on me and rinsed it off. It works fine and saves me money and uses up my old lotion.

    By conniebland [3]

    Tip: Add Almond Oil to Lotion

    My grandmother was very careful with her skin she always bought a small bottle of almond oil and added it to all of her store bought lotions. It makes a huge difference in the moisture and can be added to almost any type of lotion.

    Add about a teaspoon or tablespoon depending on size of bottle. Just add and shake. Hope it helps!

    By Lisa

    Tip: Using Up Hand Lotions That Are Too Sticky

    On occasion, I find myself buying hand lotion, hand cream or body lotions that are too sticky, heavy, or greasy. Instead of tossing them, I use them as foot lotion in my socks when I just want to soften my feet for a few hours or over night. I am not wasting any lotion and the heavy stuff seems to work great on feet.

    Source: Me... I am cheap, and hate tossing things out.

    By Gingerlilymay from New York, NY

    Tip: Add Body Oil To Unscented Lotion

    I am so excited to share this tip! Every year I request a certain body lotion from Bath and Body Works. I love it, but it certainly isn't cheap. But this year I received the set for Christmas that included the body oil (which I don't really use as much).

    Well, I did an experiment - I took a bottle of Dollar Store unscented lotion (Landry is one brand, but you can find many), and I added 2 capfuls of the scented oil, shook it up and VOILA! A nice big bottle of the scented lotion I love. So I will be able to have quite a supply since the I am only using a couple of capfuls of the oil at a time. Of course you can add more or less depending on your preference. Plus the oil adds a little extra richness to the bargain lotion!

    By Carol from Landisville, PA

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    Here are questions related to Using Hand and Body Lotion.

    Question: Uses for Hand Lotion

    For what can I use old, thin hand lotion?

    Cindy from Reading, PA


    Best Answers

    By Thurab Swaheesh (Guest Post)07/04/2007

    I also use it in my hair. It is very easy to use. I have short hair so I just blob it out and then apply it. I use the Lundthan cream but I don't know many people who use it. Try it out! It's also great on my hands obviously.

    Best Answers

    By (Guest Post)04/25/2007

    You can use it as leather balm!

    Best Answers

    By Beth [25]04/25/2007

    I've put water in almost empty bottles to get every last bit and used it at the end of a shower as a moisturizer. Pat dry.

    Question: Using Up Body Lotion

    I have so many bottles of nice body lotion. There is only so much of it that can be used before it loses its color or fragrance. Is there a way to combine the lotion with liquid soap to make a nice fragrant hand soap? Or can the lotion be combined with plain bar soap and put into a hand pump dispenser? Does anyone know the proportions? Thanks for any and all tips.



    Best Answers

    By suzi homemaker (Guest Post)07/21/2005

    Don't mix the lotions together. I tried that once to save space, and the lotion came out with a gritty texture and I had to throw it away!

    Best Answers

    By debbie (Guest Post)07/20/2005

    What about donating them to a local women's shelter or nursing home for a tax write off. These are people who need a little TLC.