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Chocolate Chips Turned White in Freezer

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I had several packages of semi-sweet chocolate morsels (chocolate chips) that I put in the freezer. I took them out a few days ago hoping to make fudge. The chips had turned whitish. Can they still be used?

Debbie from Garden Grove, CA



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By Dink [3]12/30/2010

I've had the same thing happen and I use them anyway and it turns out fine. I think that is just the nature of chocolate.

By D-Mc04/10/2008

The chocolate turns white and is called "bloom". It does not affect the taste or quality. This is when the fats in the chocolate separate from the cocoa powder. Chocolate can get this bloom even when it has not been frozen.

By Andi [1]12/26/2007

I read somewhere that this happens when the chocolate changes temperature too fast. If it is sealed well, put in the refrigerator for a few hours and then in the freezer and then the reverse when you remove it, it's not supposed to get the white on top. I have heard this from a few different sources, but haven't done it yet myself.

By ELIZABETH [1]12/26/2007

Chocolate should not be stored in the freezer that is why it is white
does not affect the taste but stays streaky when melted and re frozen. The moisture makes the chocolate turn white.

By metroplex [81]12/26/2007

Hi Debbie,

My mother always told me that this is just the butter fat rising of the chocolate rising to the surface of the chocolate and can be safely used.

Hope this helps!

By joan pecsek [88]12/25/2007

Yes. Maybe they don't look as tasty but that white stuff doesn't affect the taste.

By K (Guest Post)12/25/2007

It sounds like chocolate bloom:

Chocolate with bloom is safe to just looks different. It really would be better to use in chocolate chip cookies or in something baked rather than for candy making as it may have a GRAINY texture. They usually don't advise using it for candy making.

If you do try to go ahead and make some I would make sure to let them come to room temperature and that there was no water moisture on them.

If I was making fudge just for myself I think I would try it unless the cost of the other ingredients was case they dont turn out. Then again I like eating the mistakes. :-)

If it is for a gift I think I would just buy some new chips.

Here is a recipe for brownies that used 'failed fudge' if all doen't go well: ... s&data=f-g/Failed_Fudge_Brownies


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