Using Dawn to Get Rid of Fleas


I have heard of using Dawn blue dish detergent for fleas. What do I do, and does it work fast for relief? My Chihuahua was given Capstar yesterday, and it made him worse. Please help.

By Josie M


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By Brenda 6 71 08/15/2011

I use capstar all the time for my dogs and cats. It does make them act like they are going crazy for awhile then they are alright. I put dawn in a sprayer and spay the yard and my 10X20 cat kennel. I keep a bowl of water and dawn in it with a flea comb and my 3 inside cats always let me know when they want me to comb them with it. I have had a bad year with fleas due to yard next to my cat kennel has not mowed their grass in years and with all of the birds and squirrels coming to my yard they bring the fleas with them. I go around the yard about every 2 days with the sprayer

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By luvmypug674 2 08/31/2011

Josie M,
Here is the website I found that gave specific instructions on how best to use dawn on your pet to kill fleas. Just be sure to only use it sparingly, and in a pinch, so you do not strip your pet of essential oils in his or her coat. Good Luck!


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