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Clip Art For Chore and Duty Charts


Does anyone know of free clipart that I can get online, for chores and daily duties? I'm trying to put together a chore/activity chart for my kids (we're all tired of me having to remind and nag all the time!). I need pictures for things like teeth brushing, putting toys away, homework, doing dishes, hanging up clothes, etc.



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By Katie 4 216 04/22/2005

You might try going to and clicking on the tab for "images." Then type in what you are looking for. Right click on the pictures you want and you can usually copy them.

My mom and I did this when we made up an eating chart for my dad when he first got diabetes. Seeing a picture of each thing he was "allowed" to eat that day was helpful for him. I'm sure it would help your kids with their chores, too.

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By Cheryl (Guest Post) 04/22/2005

I did mine by going to, click on images, and then search for what you are looking for. I just inserted them into a table in MS Word for the final product.

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By Tracy Harder 4 04/23/2005

I get mine from this site
They have all kinds of different chore charts! And they are printable!

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By mindy (Guest Post) 09/20/2006

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By Humaira (Guest Post) 10/05/2006

I don't have the clip art but here is a chart that you can print that has pictures.

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By Stephanie 3 08/22/2009

OMG you guys are wonderful! I have had this same idea (clip art for chores) because only 1 out of my 4 kids are at full reading level and all of your tips/web links were exactly what I was looking for thank you!

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