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Removing Grease from a Cat's Fur

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A cat with grease in its fur getting a bath.

If your kitty accidentally gets grease in her fur there are ways to remove it without traumatizing your pet. This is a guide about removing grease from a cat's fur.



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Question: Removing Grease from Cat's Fur

I need to know if Dawn dish liquid is safe to use on my cat. He fell into some cooking grease. I used some flea and tick shampoo to get some of it off. Please respond as soon as possible.

By Dani from North Little Rock, AR


Most Recent Answer


Wow! I can't believe that you tried to cook Your cat in grease... Tip of the day for grease, sprinkle cornstarch and pet & play with kitty till it rubs in pretty good, then take a terry cloth towl and play some more like you were towel drying if wet. grease gets soaked up and comes right off!

Solutions: Removing Grease from a Cat's Fur

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