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Removing Grease from Cat's Fur

I need to know if Dawn dish liquid is safe to use on my cat. He fell into some cooking grease. I used some flea and tick shampoo to get some of it off. Please respond as soon as possible.

By Dani from North Little Rock, AR

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Wow! I can't believe that you tried to cook Your cat in grease... Tip of the day for grease, sprinkle cornstarch and pet & play with kitty till it rubs in pretty good, then take a terry cloth towl and play some more like you were towel drying if wet. grease gets soaked up and comes right off!

By susan [5]11/24/2009

It would be fine to use on a cat, but so would baby shampoo if you have that. Good luck!

By Sandi [390]11/24/2009

If this happens again, you might want to call a vet or consult The point being, if you wait till you are posted, things are either resolved or worse. Try immediate help and if you can't get it, then let us help.

By Dani [1]11/23/2009

Thanks to everyone for the comments& my kitty is fine now

By Erin11/23/2009

Dawn would be fine to wash the cat I think. I know enviromental groups use dawn to wash animals after oil spills.

By Lisa [2]11/22/2009

P.S. Is your cat okay after falling into cooking grease? Was it cool when he fell into it? (I hope so!)

By Lisa [2]11/22/2009

Yes, Dawn should be okay (just rinse really well, since cats groom themselves so much).

We took in a stray kitten this past June. He had fleas, and was too little to treat with chemicals/meds, so the vet's office suggested Dawn by name. I don't use Dawn, so rather than having me go get some, they said my Palmolive should work, too.

If it was safe for my kitten (he's gone from less than 2 lbs in June to more than 10 lbs a few weeks ago!), it should be safe for your kitty, too! Good luck!

By Carol Churchill [18]11/22/2009

In the RSA, Kleen Green. maybe you have something similar where you live? Good luck!

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