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Repairing a Zipper That Zips and Then Splits Open


How do you repair a zipper that comes apart while zipping up a sweatshirt?

By Dana from Palo Alto, CA


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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 01/21/2010

Replace it is the only thing to do, good luck.

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By Margaret Oren 10 18 01/21/2010

Don't throw it away!
Take a pair of pliers and clamp the slots on the pull to where they are a little closer together (narrower) this aligns the teeth of the zipper more securely. This has worked for me several times on different items.

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If it's a plastic zipper you will most likely need to replace it.

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By Lorraine 20 96 01/23/2010

Yes, follow Old Dog's response. I went to the local cleaners and watched them replace that zipper pull with a used one and they charged me 25 dollars! Outrageous!

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By Sandi 7 183 01/25/2010

Take a close look at the zipper teeth to see if any are bent, or missing. If this is the case you need to replace the zipper. Do you have a friend who sews, if you don't? Maybe trade her skill for something you can do for her. No money changes hands and you both benefit. Good luck.

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By louiser 1 11/05/2011

Old dog is a genius. I pinched the slots on my plastic jacket zipper and it works like a charm. Thanks!

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By divad527 1 12/16/2014

Thank you! Saved my blouse! Pinching the zipper worked!

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