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I had a pot roast burn in the oven really badly. When I got home the stove was billowing smoke and now the house smells really bad. We are using air scrubbers and it seems to be helping at this time. Even inside the cupboards stink. What should we do for this?

By John


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By gem 154 261 04/14/2011

Walmart has these kinda odor eaters in their section with the air wicks and such. It worked well for me when my trash can in my office burned. It took all the odor out in a matter of days.
Hope this helps.

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By PENNY K 15 562 04/14/2011

You might try wiping down everything you think the smoke touched [walls, cupboards] with soap and water followed by a wipe with white vinegar, and leaving open dishes filled with a bit of baking soda throughout rooms that smell.

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By Pamela 3 33 04/15/2011

Go to the store and get you some charcol and vinegar. Use some old tupperware and pour vinegar, about half full and place them all over your house. Lay charcol brinks in your cabinets behind things and like under your bed. Also, coffee will absorb odors as well. Works well for us. Didn't believe it at first but you can really tell a difference in a couple of days. Hope this helps.

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Archive: Burnt Meat Smell In House

We had an accident with a soup bone boiling dry and filling the house with a horrid burnt meat smell. Has anyone had this experience and found a way of getting the smell out of the house?

Ray W

RE: Burnt Meat Smell In House

Put a pot of water on your stove with the the following ingredients in it, bring it to a boil and then simmer as long as necessary:

2 tbls cinammon or 4 sticks
1 tablespoon cloves
1 table spoon allspice or apple pie spice. (05/26/2005)

By c.j.cox

RE: Burnt Meat Smell In House

Vinager works great and is inexpensive as well. You can wash your walls with it, 1 part to 5 parts warm water. Also, put same into spray bottle and spray on funiture, bedding and carpeting. Works great for most pet oders as well. The smell will go away in an hour or so, but the smoke will be gone as well. It doesn't "mask" odors like most treatments that wear off. (05/26/2005)

By mary p.

RE: Burnt Meat Smell In House

Burn some inscense, it removes any kind of odors. I had an aunt that smoked in my house and I burned some and the smell went away. (That's why it was so popular in the 60's, it got rid of a lot of "odors")! (06/06/2005)

Archive: Burnt Smell In a House

How do you remove a burnt smell out of the house when you can't open windows?

Mthomas from Atlanta, GA

RE: Burnt Smell In a House

I disagree about the incense getting rid of BURNT ODORS. It is burnt and is smoke, itself! However, it "covers" a lot of odors by mixing itself with the odor, used primarily in the 60's to cover Marijuana! For my generation, it's TellTale or causes suspicion when used anywhere now, that there's likely drugs being "covered" or masked.

I'd find a way to vent the burnt smell out, and to at least open a window a tiny bit for fresh air on a better day, washing washable curtains and linens wherever possible, keeping in mind that "cigarette smoke" can never really be gotten out of walls, carpet, upholstery, drapes, pets, clothes, etc.

I'd wipe all surfaces, painting the walls, if needed, changing the filters, and keeping the range and bath vents on, IF they vent to the outside. Fresh air can't be beaten. All other sprays, perfumes, candles, chemicals only temporarily "mask", not clean, the air. In my opinion, adding to the problem and breathability. Good luck and God bless you. : ) (12/15/2006)

By Lynda

RE: Burnt Smell In a House

I use a pretty vase or hurricane candle holder and add vinegar, leaving it out in various places. No one knows there's really vinegar in there. I also burn incense, in different aromas, as that has always done the trick for me. (02/16/2007)

By mikki

RE: Burnt Smell In a House

C.J. Cox's method works. Personally I boiled one of those pre-packaged spice mixes that you're supposed to pour into a boil and let deodorize your bathroom, etc. It takes some time. Make sure that you keep your respirator (cooking air purifier) on if it was on during the fiasco, since it stores up the nasty smell too! This takes some time, many hours of boiling, but it works as far as I can tell. (08/02/2007)


RE: Burnt Smell In a House

I just read the idea of burning spices to get rid of odor, which it does. I was boiling cinnamon and orange slices to get rid of yesterday's fish odor and ended up burning the pan! Such good intentions. Now I have to get the burnt pan clean. I'm going to try boiling vinegar and dish soap. Good luck to all with this problem. (08/31/2007)

By jar nyc

RE: Burnt Smell In a House

Vanilla candles are proven to remove odors. My husband burned soup and left a terrible smell throughout the house. The candles worked, but I also boiled, then simmered apple cider with cinnamon and cloves. The "baked apple pie" candles are also great. (12/05/2007)

By Michele

RE: Burnt Smell In a House

Replace your fan filter that is in the range hood over your stove. The horrible smell was stuck there and just dispersed it into the house. Find the source and get rid of it. I cleaned all the stove burners and under the burners where food spills. Covering it up is only temp. You can purchase a new filter at a local hardware store just make sure its the correct size. I am going to try the spice remedy after I replace the filter. GOOD LUCK. Hopefully it will work. I haven't tried it yet but I am on my way out the door to the hardware store. I can't stand this smell! (03/27/2008)

By Sarah

RE: Burnt Smell In a House

I definitely agree with Linda about the fresh air, but Vinegar also helps. I heated some on the stove, and then put a couple of bowls near the kitchen, and the smell improved almost immediately. I'm going to keep the vinegar simmering for quite awhile. Then I'll use the scented candles or vanilla, because we love the smell of the REAL vanilla from Mexico. (04/04/2008)

By Annie

RE: Burnt Smell In a House

Ok, there are some great ideas here. I used a few together and was able to save my home in about an hour and a half.
  • Remove burnt item from home. Put far away from the open windows.
  • Open the windows.
  • Baking powder on carpet and rugs. Let sit 15-20min or so.
  • Vacuum the baking powder up.
  • Febreeze
  • Mop floors; even swiffering is good just to get a clean smell going.
  • Boil the following: cinnamon, cloves, vanilla extract, 1 chopped up apple. Makes the apple pie smell like the other poster mentioned.

Now, if I can convince my wife that I'm not unsafe in the kitchen... (10/06/2008)


RE: Burnt Smell In a House

I tried The cinnamon and cloves and all spice. Strongly don't recommend it. It will make your home stink more, I felt like puking after I boiled all. Rather light some incense, turn the fans on, and open the doors and windows. Accept the fact that it will take 1 or 2 days for the smell to go away. (11/17/2008)

By jyothi

RE: Burnt Smell In a House

Burning spices works like a charm. (12/15/2008)

By guest

Archive: Burnt Smell In a House

Last night my 11 year old daughter forgot to add water to the Easy Mac container. She's home suffering from pneumonia and I was in the shower at the time. Our whole house has the most putrid smell and the microwave reeks so bad.


Archive: Burnt Smell In a House

I burnt something in my microwave and I am trying suggestions from the site. I also have the problem of the smell being in my apartment and have only one window to open for fresh air. I have used candles, air fresheners, and running my ceiling fan with the window open. I cannot breathe. I just put dish soap and borax in the microwave like someone suggested, because that is what I have on hand. Any suggestions? Thanks.

By angel4him

RE: Burnt Smell In a House

Take a bowl and boil some vinegar in the microwave, then let it cool in there. Just let the vinegar fumes stay in the house, too. Don't spray anything to get rid of them overnight. I did this in my garage where I used to go to smoke in the winter. I am smoke free now and it worked with the residual smell in the garage. It doesn't get cheaper than that. (07/24/2009)

By themuffster

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