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Burnt Stainless Steel Pan

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How do I remove burnt cheese from a stainless steel pot?

By Al from Erie, PA


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By Purple Lizzie02/21/2011

After reading a few of these posts, I have just successfully removed the burnt bits from the bottom of my pan using a combination of malt vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. It made a satisfying hiss when I poured it in. I left it for around 30 mins then thought I would try and clean it. It came off really easily and is now sparkling! I am so relieved as the pan is new. Thanks v much x

By Phil Hogan10/30/2010

Burnt a brand new high quality stainless steel 3 qt pan - really bummed. Black and crusted on the bottom (steaming veggies on high heat and water boiled away). Tried scrubbing with a Dobie scrub pad and some came off, but not much. So I read about using vinegar in the prior posts on this topic. Boiled a mixture of vinegar and water (mostly vinegar), let it sit for a couple of hours, boiled it again, took it off while it was still hot, poured out most of it, and tried the Dobie scrub pad. I was SHOCKED at how easily it came off and the bottom of pan is sparkling clean with no scratches. Made my day to say the least!

By Teresa Bowen [5]10/14/2010

To remove burnt-on food in cookware, try soaking the pan in hot water with a touch of dish soap and a new dryer sheet (like Bounce) added to the water. Sounds weird, but it works for me.

By Crystal10/12/2010

Thank heavens I found this site! This morning, I decided to make oatmeal using my mother's favorite pot; the one that she's had since I was a baby and that she uses for her favorite tea. I had the pot on low and went outside to do some quick chores. Well, I obviously wasn't quick enough. I came back inside and found that the oatmeal had crusted onto the bottom of the pot and left a horrible burnt surface!

I didn't know what to do, so I did a quick web search and this page came up. I had to hurry, my mom was coming back from the corner store located just a few blocks away! I could just imagine the scolding I was to receive. I didn't have vinegar, nor fabric sheets or baking soda. But I did have EZ OFF. So, I sprayed the pot with EZ OFF, and used a spoon to scrape off the crusted burnt stuff. It came off instantly! My mother came home right when I was putting the pot away- freshly washed, shiny like new and perfectly normal once again. Thanks to you all for your wonderful and useful 'tricks', and I appreciate it so much more since you have saved a poor college student from getting barred from the kitchen!

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