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Buying Wholesale for Resale

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Grocery Owners

When running a business you want to purchase your products at the best possible price. This is a guide about buying wholesale for resale.



Here are questions related to Buying Wholesale for Resale.

Question: Looking for Wholesale Items

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for some places to get (wholesale) items to resell. I have a small embroidery shop- but would like to carry other gift items as well.


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Offer your customers the best in scented candles. Candlelight Obsession has introduced the new look of scented soy candles. Eco-friendly, profitable, and quality made. Did I mention they ship wholesale free?

Question: How To Buy Wholesale

I am thinking about buying items wholesale and selling out of my home. Can anyone tell me how to get started and give me any good websites to buy wholesale. Also, for anyone that already does this out of their home, would shoes and handbags be a good idea to start off with? If not, what about junior clothes for girls?

Pam from Georgia


Most Recent Answer

By Andy88805/15/2012 has great prices. Also if you want to buy wholesale let us know.

Question: Buying Wholesale Plants


I am wondering if anyone knows where to find wholesale plants?

Hardiness Zone: 4b

Jim from Faribault, MN



Are you looking to get into the business, or just looking for a price break on buying a large quantity of plants? Here is a helpful link to nurseries in the state of Minnesota:

To purchase plants at wholesale rates, most nurseries require a tax ID number and/or a nursery license. Unless you're in the business, gardeners are not allowed to purchase plants wholesale, or there would be no one left to buy retail. Still, if you are looking for hundreds of bulbs or a large number of one type of item it might be worth checking an individual nursery's policy regarding price breaks for buying in bulk. It has been my experience that the smaller, local nurseries are more willing to negotiate price breaks.


Most Recent Answer

By Joyce A Ratasepp [1]01/04/2007

try your county I live in Indiana, our county offers plants trees and ground covers at a discount and you can buy as many as you want. Conservation Dept usually call your county building they can direct you

Question: Starting a Jewelry Business

I am wanting to start a small business. I want to buy jewelry wholesale and resale it at local bazaars and possibly in homes with groups of women. I do not know where to begin. Do I just need a tax ID or a reseller's license?

I live in Indiana and was wondering if someone else out there is doing the same thing and would be my mentor? Someone who would not mind my questions. Thank you and I look forward to the feedback.

By Pam from Lafayette, IN

Most Recent Answer

By susan winship [4]09/16/2010

Whatever state you live in you will need a business license and maybe a wholesaler's license (I am not a retailer, but I've been with friends when they bought jewelry wholesale to resell. With the wholesale license you won't have to pay taxes twice. Call your state's Small Business office or SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives). SCORE may be for larger entities, but they can direct you.
P.S. If you want lower-market jewelry take a look at

Question: Purchasing Food Wholesale for Resale

Can I purchase canned goods and other products for resale in a convenience store? How would I go about this?
Also, please give me an idea on prices.

By Jacquilyn from Lacoochee, FL

Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]01/20/2010

I think you're saying that you'd like to purchase foods at wholesale prices, not retail prices with no sales tax. Sams or Costco might be good for certain items, but not when you are trying to stock an entire store. Especially when others can buy the same items there and not pay your mark-up (which you'll have to charge to make your enterprise feasible). I'd get the company info and phone numbers from specific food product packages, then contact those companies. A single company usually makes several products, so your search wouldn't be as broad as you'd first think. It'll still take lots of time though.

Question: Buying Wholesale Burlap Totes

Where can I buy wholesale burlap totes so that I can monogram on them?

By Barbara from MS

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [418]01/09/2010 ... ;aq=1&oq=bulk+burlap+&aqi=g2
If you are hoping for info in the least amount of time, try google first. It will save you days of waiting. I wish you luck and hope this helped. PBP

Question: Buying Wholesale Fabric

I was wondering if any one knows where to buy wholesale fabric. A friend of mine is thinking of starting her own sewing shop. I live in Kentucky.


Most Recent Answer

By Sandy. (Guest Post)01/08/2009

I need a wholesale rep in Kitsap County or nearest to Port Orchard Wa. Thanks

Question: Wholesale Distributor of Discount Groceries for Resale

Where do I go to buy discount groceries to sell in my store?

By Theresa

Most Recent Answer

By Beth03/17/2012

I would go to a similar type store that does not compete with your location and ask who their supplier is. It may take a few tries, but once you explain that you will not be competition somebody will usually help.

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