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Shoes Making Noise When I Walk

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How can I make my shoes not make a farting sound when I walk?

By TraciE from Nice, CA


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By upmanyu sharma11/24/2014

I am very fed up with my shoes. When I walk they start making noise.

By wilma04/28/2010

I had a pair of sandels that made that noise. I put in a thin panty liner in the bottom, and it worked just fine.


I am not so sure that WD40 would be a good thing to use on shoes as it is meant for lubricating and loosening joints and hinges, removing dirt and residue, extricating stuck screws and bolts, and preventing rust. Also, it could discolor the shoes.

It's going to depend on where the farting ;-) is coming from. There are some really good solutions at this link:

Also, if the noise is coming from the type of soles like tennis shoes have and it only happens when they get wet and you then walk on certain surfaces then try roughing up the bottom of the soles with sand paper or a cheese grater.

By kathleen williams [23]04/26/2010

Try some WD40,it should work,good luck.

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