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Are Crepe Myrtle Roots Invasive?

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I am worried about the root system on a crepe myrtle tree. I want to plant one or two in my back yard close to my house and patio. Will the root system grow underneath my cement patio? How far away should I plant them? Thank you.

By Kgminer from Port Richey, FL


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By susan [5]05/03/2009

Our house was built in 1902. A crape myrtle that was planted when the home was built was growing about 5 feet from the house. At the time we moved in, no one could figure out what it was because no one had seen one this big. The trunk was at least 2 ft. in diameter. It took a truck to pull it out. No foundation damage was caused by the tree.

By Janet [7]05/01/2009

I had a large, older crepe myrtle planted about 10 feet from the house & never had any problems with the roots.

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