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Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus

toilet paper roll santa

Toilet paper rolls usually make their way into the garbage, but they can be useful in making great craft items. One item is the annual favorite - Santa Claus. This simple craft has the ability to be a Christmas tree topper (for a very small tree), an ornament, or a stand alone decoration.


  • toilet paper roll
  • 1 felt square of each: red, white, peach/flesh, black
  • cotton ball or fiber fill
  • blue marker or puffy paint
  • silver marker or puffy paint


  1. Cut square piece of red felt to fit toilet paper roll. A simple way to do this is to measure the length of the toilet paper roll and cut along the length. Then tape one end of the felt to the toilet paper roll and roll until it is covered and cut along that line.

  2. Glue red felt to toilet paper roll. Remember to not put too much glue on the felt, as it may bleed through.

  3. Cut a 2 inch piece of peach/flesh felt and glue around top of toilet paper roll. This will be Santa's face. Make sure when you are gluing on pieces that all seams are in the back.

  4. Cut 1/4 inch strip of black felt to glue around center of Santa's body. This is his belt.

  5. Cut out one cone for Santa's hat. You can even cut out a large triangle the size of one half of the felt used for Santa's body. Glue the long part of the triangle to the top of the toilet paper roll, and then glue the sides of the triangle together. When dry you can pull the tip down and glue to the side of Santa's head.

  6. Cut out one small circle from the white felt. Glue to tip of Santa's hat.

  7. Use fiber fill or cotton ball to make Santa's beard and mustache. Put a little hole in the middle to simulate his mouth.

  8. Use blue marker to put two dots on the face for eyes.

  9. Use silver marker to draw on belt buckle.

By Kelli


By Dana Sipe 39 75 12/16/2005

That is so cute!

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By Barb 5 7 12/18/2005

That is neat, I have some toilet paper rolls I have been saving for something and also some pieces of felt that just happen to be the colors for this project.


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By Tatorbug 5 22 09/15/2007

Too funny! I made one of these in the fifth grade MANY years ago and I STILL have mine! He has legs that hang if you were to sit him on a fireplace mantle or bookshelf.

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